YouTube Network Fullscreen Launches Channel+ To Boost Audiences For Brands And Advertisers

There’s an ever-growing number of video creators and publishers who are looking to reach viewers on YouTube. But they’re not the only ones: increasingly, advertisers are using the video platform as a way to connect with their customers and fans. Fullscreen wants to help them, with the launch of a new service to grow their audiences online.

Today, Fullscreen is making its Channel+ offering available to advertisers, providing them with a team of strategists who use the company’s deep analytics and engagement tools. Fullscreen will be leveraging its experience helping YouTube creators with their own networks to reach new viewers and increase their number of subscribers over time. To drive that growth, it’s built tools to help manage user communities, whether they happen on YouTube or if they happen on other social media networks.

“Every single day there’s a brand that comes to us and asks where do we start on YouTube,” Fullscreen COO Ezra Cooperstein told me by phone. “They say, ‘We know we need to be on YouTube but don’t know what to do?”

To help them, Fullscreen is creating a dedicated business out of an offering that it’s had available on a limited basis for the last two years. Brands get a team of personal strategists who take advantage of its tools, managing their YouTube channels and work to grow their audiences.

Ok, so Fullscreen isn’t the only network trying to differentiate itself based on technology or offering up tools to brands. Last week, Maker Studios announced the launch of its Maker Max platform for creators. And ZEFR, which has been helping major media companies improve YouTube monetization over the last several years, also has rolled out a product focused on brands.