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Pandemic-driven boom in e-commerce helps Huboo’s warehousing platform close $81M

Many e-commerce businesses run their entire order fulfillment process in-house because outsourcing it can be expensive. But the COVID-19 pandemic has supercharged many small and medium-sized businesse

WhenThen’s no-code payments platform attracts $6M from European VCs Stride and Cavalry

From Twenty Minute VC to 20VC, Harry Stebbings launches a micro VC off the back of his popular podcast

Podcasts are becoming big business — in part because of how well they can attract and keep audiences at a time when so many other media formats are finding it hard to pin down that elusive metri

Introducing the term-sheet grader

What to do if your term sheet has too many tough terms, and which are the ones to focus on?

Insurance platform Collective Benefits raises £3.3M to give gig economy workers a safety net

The famous phrase “software eats the world” was originally coined to describe how technology gradually replaces the old industrial norms of production. But few realized that when Uber started to &

What every startup founder should know about exits

The dream of a startup founder can often be summarized by the following well-intentioned, and mostly delusional, quote: “We’ll raise a few rounds and in a few years we’ll IPO on Nasdaq.”

Stride.VC, a new seed fund founded by Fred Destin and Harry Stebbings, sees first £40M closing

We already knew that veteran venture capitalist Fred Destin had teamed up with podcaster-turned-VC Harry Stebbings to raise a fund of their own, but now more details have emerged, including that the n

After leaving Accel, Fred Destin is raising seed fund with Twenty Minute VC host Harry Stebbings

In a move that is bound to raise more than a few eyebrows in the London VC community and beyond, TechCrunch has learned that ex-Accel VC Fred Destin is joining forces with Harry Stebbings, the founder

Fred Destin leaving Accel to focus on Seed and earlier-stage investing

Fred Destin, one of European VC's biggest personalities, is leaving Accel, the London-headquartered VC firm he <a target="_blank" href="

Accel’s Fred Destin On Why Startups Fail And Founders Get Fired

Fred Destin on the main reasons startups fail and founders get fired; how he analyzes the VC/Founder relationship (with what he calls ‘founder intimacy’); his experience as a board member and inve

William Shu Wants You To Order From Deliveroo Twice A Day

Shortly after raising $100 million, Deliveroo co-founder and CEO William Shu and Accel Partners' Fred Destin took the stage at Disrupt London to discuss the company's ambitious plans. "We started w

Atlas Ventures’ Fred Destin Believes Funding Seed Stage Companies Is Like Falling In Love

One of the best moments at our TC Boston Meetup + Pitch-off was an on-stage interview with <a target="_blank" href="">Atlas Ventures' Fred Destin</a>, a Belgian gone Boston inves