Form D

Supply chain startup FourKites, which recently laid off workers, raises $30M

Weeks after laying off workers, supply chain startup FourKites has raised $30 million as part of an ongoing financing round, according to documents filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commissi

Inflection AI, led by LinkedIn and DeepMind co-founders, raises $225M to transform computer-human interactions

Inflection AI, the machine learning startup headed by LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman and founding DeepMind member Mustafa Suleyman, has secured $225 million in equity financing, according to a filin

PSA: Most aggregate VC trend data is garbage

“Seed rounds are up!” “Seed rounds are higher valued than ever!” “There were 10% less VCs investing in seed rounds last year!” !!!!!!!!! We’ve all seen these stories, and we’re fine co

Don’t be stupid by holding off on announcing your funding round

For those who have followed TechCrunch and/or me for a long time, you know that I like to harp on the fact that fewer and fewer startups are filing their Form Ds with the SEC, which discloses informat

The curious case of Slack’s missing $162 million

Slack has filed its S-1 registration statement with the SEC in preparation for its direct listing. One interesting data set that usually comes out of these S-1s is the company’s actual fundraising h

Okay, one final Form D note

Some more comments from readers on the changing culture around startups filing their Form Ds with the SEC, and then a short update on SoftBank and a bunch more article reviews. We are experimenting wi