food waste

ProducePay raises $38M to tackle produce supply chain waste

Food waste is a major problem. In the U.S. alone, roughly 30% to 40% of the supply ends up in landfills. A United Nations report estimated that around one-third of the world’s food is wasted eve

Yume’s platform helps manufacturers turn potential food waste into money

While running a bar in Melbourne, Katy Barfield was taken aback by the large amount of ingredients thrown out at the end of each day. After doing some research, she realized that Australia produces ab

Ida uses AI to prevent grocery food waste

Ida is a relatively new French startup that wants to work with supermarkets and grocery stores to optimize new orders of fresh products, such as fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry and fish. The startup

Eliminating food waste is the next frontier in saving the planet

In the race to reach carbon neutrality, many businesses are looking for various ways to cut emissions, whether through limiting high-carbon transit, becoming more energy efficient at home, or reducing

Qualcomm-backed Aravita wants to help Brazilian supermarkets control food waste

Aravita's AI-powered solution for supermarkets looks at variables, including climate, seasonality and consumer behavior, to manage the purchasing of fresh food.

Divert bags $100M growth equity, $1B financing to tackle grocery store food waste

Divert's infrastructure will cover 80% of the population in the U.S., potentially averting 400,000 metric tons of carbon pollution annually.

Climate tech roundup: Food waste, wastewater and the UK’s troubled battery industry

Waste and batteries were the theme this week in climate tech. Dive in to see what happened.

Nest co-founder Matt Rogers’ new startup is trash

Mill emerges from stealth as a sleek, climate-friendly solution for food waste that could slash half a ton of carbon emissions per household.

Singapore-based Alterpacks turns food waste into food containers

Food waste and food packaging take up a significant portion of the world’s landfills. Alterpacks is tackling both issues with technology that turns food waste into takeout boxes and other containers

‘Grocery sharing’ app Recelery lets users resell food items to help minimize waste

It is typical for consumers to purchase more food items than they need and then throw them away because they either forgot about them or the food expired. It is estimated that 1.3 billion tons of food

Online grocery company Misfits Market to acquire Imperfect Foods

This is Misfits Market’s first acquisition and is particularly fitting, given the online grocery environment over the past few years.

Pitch Deck Teardown: Mi Terro’s $1.5M seed deck

Mi Terro takes agricultural waste and processes it into proteins that can be used as a plastic replacement, fed as food to animals and much more. Here's the teardown of its pitch deck.

The grocery industry’s shopping list: Inventory management, frictionless checkout, computer vision

Technology advancements in recent years are giving startups a shot at providing grocery stores with e-commerce-like features in a brick-and-mortar setting.

Do you claim to care about climate? Let’s talk about what’s on your plate

If you claim to care about climate change, we need to have a word about food. Specifically, about the fantastically unsustainable way we consume food in the U.S. There’s a number of issues here,

Here’s the complete agenda for next week’s TC Sessions: Climate 2022

TC Sessions: Climate, in partnership with the Extreme Tech Challenge 2022 Global Finals, is our first event dedicated to the climate crisis. And our agenda is complete!  Leading scientists, entrepren

Freshflow is helping grocery retailers fight food waste

For years grocery retailers have been using data driven forecasting to help them predict demand to figure out which products to reorder to keep shelves stocked. That’s nothing new. But Berlin-ba

Choco gets its horn amid mission to remove food waste from supply chain

Choco's software digitizes ordering, supply chain and communications for suppliers and restaurants so they can better monitor supply and demand.

Full Harvest targets food waste by finding homes for imperfect, surplus produce

Within the past two years, Full Harvest’s impact on keeping food out of landfills grew five times, prompting the company to seek out additional capital to keep the momentum going.

Phytoform plants $5.7M into climate-resistant crop technology

The success of CRISPR technology in agriculture has been well documented as a way to manipulate plant genomes to make them more pest and climate resistant and grow more consistent products.

Fast groceries startup Grovy hopes Eastern Europe and sustainability will set it apart

Yet another “quick commerce” 15-minute groceries startup is hoping to make a name for itself in this space, adding to the myriad companies currently crowding out this market. But Grovy is
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