How To Orchestrate A National Media Push Without A PR Team

This week, <a href="">Finish went freemium</a>. The anti-procrastination to-do list app, built by teenagers Ryan Orb

Finish, The Anti-Procrastination App, Goes Freemium

<a href="">Finish</a>, the anti-procrastination app built by teenagers Ryan Orbuc

Finish 2.0 Aims To Help Students Buckle Down And Stop Procrastinating

Finish started out as a project by 16-year-old Ryan Orbuch and Michael Hansen. They were just two guys, trying to get through the 10th grade. But the simple task management app has come a long way in

Finish Is A Simple Way For Teens To Manage Their Angst-Ridden, Homework-Riddled Lives

Task management is a crowded space, but if someone had solved the problem of procrastination with an app we'd probably already be a much more successful society. That's why 16-year-olds <a target="_bl