Finish 2.0 Aims To Help Students Buckle Down And Stop Procrastinating

Finish started out as a project by 16-year-old Ryan Orbuch and Michael Hansen. They were just two guys, trying to get through the 10th grade.

But the simple task management app has come a long way in the past seven months, receiving an Apple Design Award and today receiving a huge update in the Apple App Store. Finish helps people deal with procrastination by listing tasks based on due date: short term, mid-term, or long term.

The new update brings with it a slew of new and useful features, as well as a total revamp in terms of the user interface.

According to Orbuch, the most requested feature from users is the ability to set specific times on a task-by-task basis, so the team brought that dream to fruition in Finish 2.0. Taking the reminders a bit further, Finish is now also equipped with “Bother Me” alerts, which are optional on any task.

Here’s how it works:

When you set a time for a specific task, you have the option to flip on the Bother Me switch. This will not only alert you at the time that task is due, but every hour after that, until you’ve completed it.

Finish 2.0 makes it easier to add a new task to the system by simply holding the plus button at the top of the screen. This will let you type in a task with an automatic due date for today.

But the new and improved Finish isn’t just about keeping task-making quick and easy, it’s about offering the most context possible around each task.

That said, Finish has added the ability to take notes alongside each task, as well as the ability to share tasks via email, SMS, Facebook and Twitter.

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Perhaps most notably, however, Finish has struck a deal with Kiip, a company that offers users real-world rewards for completed tasks. The two companies were made for each other.

With Kiip integration, Finish users will start seeing rewards for their completed tasks, all based on how productive they are. Rewards range from small stuff for completing a short-term goal ahead of time to much bigger, better stuff for completing long-term goals way ahead of time.

Orbuch says that Finish has seen around 34k downloads since launch, but that the potential here is starting to become obvious. Orbuch and Hansen created a branded version of the app for their high school, with pre-set tasks and school colors, and see an opportunity to do the same thing for other high schools, colleges and universities.

For now, however, they’re just going to check off “Complete Finish 2.0” within the app and take a little snoozer.

Finish is a $.99 app that is available now on the Apple App Store.