Finish, The Anti-Procrastination App, Goes Freemium

Finish, the anti-procrastination app built by teenagers Ryan Orbuch and Michael Hansen, is today trying out a new revenue model. Instead of offering the app for $.99, Finish will now be available for free with extra paid features such as time limits and extra tasks.

Finish launched in January of 2013 to help high school students stop procrastinating. The app won an Apple Design award with a UI that asked for you to prioritize certain tasks into short term, medium term and long term categories. Based on those prioritizations, the app reminded users to complete tasks based on the various time limits set.

With the Finish Freemium model, users are allowed to set up to ten tasks without any timers associated. Once they try to set the 11th task, or set a time limit, the app will send them to the App Store to make a $.99 in-app purchase.

Existing users, who’ve previously paid for the app, will be prompted to input their Apple ID and password and be automatically credited with the premium version of the app, called Finish More.

Finish has accrued 50,000 downloads with the paid version of the app, and hopes to get even more users on board now that it’s free.

The team is also working on an iPad version of the app that will sync across both smartphone and tablet, so that users can stay up to date on their workflow no matter where they are or what device they’re on.

You can check out the Finish app here.