Financial Times

  • Google Agrees On FT's Paywall, Copy & Pastes Their Post On Their Public Policy Blog

    Earlier today, we noted that Google SVP Marissa Mayer had written a post responding to suggestions that perhaps the government should regulate Google Search. The problem with this follow-up post was that it was behind a paywall — or technically, a registration wall, since you can sign up for free. Still, that’s a huge hinderance to content — and Google agrees. They’ve… Read More

  • Financial Times Tweets That It Now Has An iPhone App. Yup, It's Pink.

    International business newspaper and website Financial Times, founded in 1888, is now part of the iPhone app club with the release of a free application on the iTunes App Store (iTunes link). The move comes after most of its competitors released applications for the platform back in 1891 (ok not really, but long ago anyway). Remarkably, FT announced the release of the application using its… Read More

  • The Financial Times Launches Its Own Business News Search Engine (Newssift).

    The Financial Times Group, which is owned by the British publisher Pearson, is not exactly the place you’d expect to find the latest search engine. But a startup deep within the bowels of the organization called FT Search is launching one at 8PM ET tonight called Newssift. It is a semantic search engine that sifts through business news, and it is not half bad, especially for bigger… Read More