Google Agrees On FT's Paywall, Copy & Pastes Their Post On Their Public Policy Blog

Earlier today, we noted that Google SVP Marissa Mayer had written a post responding to suggestions that perhaps the government should regulate Google Search. The problem with this follow-up post was that it was behind a paywall — or technically, a registration wall, since you can sign up for free. Still, that’s a huge hinderance to content — and Google agrees. They’ve now copy and pasted the entire post onto their Public Policy Blog.

As Google’s senior manager of public policy communications, Adam Kovacevich, notes:

Google’s Marissa Mayer wrote in the Financial Times today about the impact for consumers of governments potentially regulating search results. Because the article is behind the FT’s paywall, we thought we’d share the complete text here.

He also takes the opportunity to link to Danny Sullivan’s take on the matter — which is very good. Mayer’s response is also pretty good. I’m glad we can now read it.

Thank you for listening, Google. Enjoy the rest of your day.