File Transfer

WeTransfer, Funky Dutch Cousin Of Dropbox And Box, Gets $25M To Go Large In The U.S.

WeTransfer, the Dutch cloud-based web and mobile service that lets users send files to each other that are too large to send as email attachments, has raised $25 million, the first and only round of f

IBM Buys Aspera, A File Transfer Company That Counts Apple And Netflix As Customers

<a target="_blank" href="">IBM </a>is acquiring <a target="_blank" href="">Aspera</a>, a bootstrapped file transfer company that counts media comp

Pixelpipe Automates, Now Lets You Schedule File Transfers Across Cloud Services

Today, the San Francisco-based startup <a target="_blank" href="">Pixelpipe</a> is adding a new feature called "Pipelines" to its file transfer service <a target="_blank" href=

File transfers via soundwave

<img src="" />Remember modems? No, not cable modems or DSL modems, which are more technically network bridges. I'm talki

Driver-free internet connection sharing via USB

<img src="">It’s not too common nowadays for two computers sitting side-by-side to NOT be able to both access the internet, but on th

Sony does Surface-like photo transfers Hey, look at this doodad. It’s similar to a near-field technology feature that Microsoft showed off a while ag

USB to USB: Totally Not Gay

While I firmly and solidly think iTunes does a pretty good job of keeping my photos and music synchronized between my iPod, Treo, Powerbook, and whatever else I’m toting, sometimes it’s to