Driver-free internet connection sharing via USB


It’s not too common nowadays for two computers sitting side-by-side to NOT be able to both access the internet, but on the off chance that such an occasion may arise, Brando’s got a (theoretically) no-fuss remedy in the form of a little USB dongle.

Plug the device into the computer with the internet connection and then run a USB cable from said device to the other computer. Boom – instant internet connection sharing; no need to install special drivers or extra software. You can also transfer files between the two machines using an easy drag-and-drop interface similar to an FTP program.

Alas, it’s 32-bit Windows XP/Vista compatible only. But it could come in handy on, say, a train or at some conference in the middle of nowhere when your buddy has a 3G card and all you’ve got is a $29 device for mooching off other people’s internet. It’s a win-win!

USB 2.0 Data Copy and Internet Connection Sharing Dongle (Driver Free) [Brando]