Gadget Story Time with Spectacles

Spectacles by Snap are a lot of fun! Join us as we put them through their paces, try them out, talk to people on the street and just have a really great day. I would tell you more, but I don't want to

Crowdsourced data can teach your phone to follow your eyes

Eye tracking has always been a tough problem. Multi-camera solutions existed in order to sense the position of the eyes in 3D space, but in general watching where your peepers pointed was too hard for

HTC Debuts The “Auto Selfie,” And Duplicates Frontback With New Eye Photo Software

HTC is debuting its new "Eye experience" camera software suite. The new camera software has an auto selfie feature, which automatically takes the photo once the phone has been held steady for a couple

PS3 Eye hacked to work with Windows

Why would you want to hook up a PS3 Eye to your Windows machine? Well, you’ve already bought it – you might as well use it for something. (This is where someone is supposed to say “O

U.S. bionic eye recently tested successfully in Europe

I bet we’ll start to see more and more of these types of stories in the next two to three years. Apparently two British men have received successful eye operations that have restored their sight

Playstation 3 EyeCreate Demos

var so9 = new SWFObject(“http://us.playstation.com/blogvideos/lib/cust_flv_player.swf”, “cust_flv_player”, “480”, “285”, “7”, “#ffffff