HTC Debuts The “Auto Selfie,” And Duplicates Frontback With New Eye Photo Software

HTC is debuting its new “Eye experience” camera software suite. The new camera software has an auto selfie feature, which automatically takes the photo once the phone has been held steady for a couple seconds, and voice commands including “Say Cheese” and “Action” will snap a photo or start recording video automatically.

You can also use the new double camera feature to shoot both front and back images at the same time, and compose them into a single image by placing them side-by-side. You can also intelligently crop out the image from the front-facing self camera, taking only the picture of you, and overlay it on the image from the back.

New face-tracking tech also keeps the camera while you’re video chatting, and can track up to four faces at once. What’s ironic is that while this was being announced, HTC was actually live-streaming itsĀ event with what seemed like handheld DSLR cameras, which resulted in a generally pretty nauseating effect.

The software is rolling out to existing HTC devices, as well as new hardware announced today.