• Video: How Adidas makes the Europass Euroball (for the Euros!)

    Want to see how Adidas makes the Europass, the new hi-tech ball to be used in this summer’s European Championship? Yes? OK! Call me [bad name], but do you see this type of innovation applied to baseballs and (American) footballs? Seems to me a baseball is a baseball is a baseball, while Adidas keeps pumping out Futureshock designs. This Saturday, kids. I’ll be watching on ESPN2HD… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: 250 improvements coming to FIFA 09

    EA claims that FIFA 09 contains some 250 improvements over last year’s game. These include improved responsiveness, changes to the collision system and a new jostle system that takes into account players’ strength when calculating collision. Presumably, that means that strikers like Drogba and Villa will have an easier time running through defenders than Eto’ or Messi. Of… Read More

  • Nintendo hates America, loves Europe and money more

    Image courtesy of Kotaku. It’s no secret that Nintendo loves to play the ‘we never anticipated this much demand, so we’re fresh out of stock’ bull honky, so it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Wii Fit is sold out across the country. Nintendo is playing it smart here in the US. We all want what we can’t have, though that argument could be said… Read More

  • No Free Phone Calls For You: Blyk Delayed

    Blyk is supposed to be some sort of Euro-only free cellphone service that depends on ads and interstials to offer free calls and texting to subscribers. As we all remember, this business model really works well — just look at eMachines, for gosh sakes — but that won’t stop fools from trying it. To that end, it turns out the the service is currently delayed and probably… Read More