Will a weaker euro lead to greater US investment in European startups?

A strong dollar makes deals in Europe potentially cheaper for American investors and could make selling abroad more attractive to euro-denominated startups.

Video: How Adidas makes the Europass Euroball (for the Euros!)

Want to see how Adidas makes the Europass, the new hi-tech ball to be used in this summer’s European Championship? Yes? OK! Call me [bad name], but do you see this type of innovation applied to

CrunchArcade: 250 improvements coming to FIFA 09

EA claims that FIFA 09 contains some 250 improvements over last year’s game. These include improved responsiveness, changes to the collision system and a new jostle system that takes into accoun

Nintendo hates America, loves Europe and money more

Image courtesy of Kotaku. It’s no secret that Nintendo loves to play the ‘we never anticipated this much demand, so we’re fresh out of stock’ bull honky, so it really shouldn&#

No Free Phone Calls For You: Blyk Delayed

Blyk is supposed to be some sort of Euro-only free cellphone service that depends on ads and interstials to offer free calls and texting to subscribers. As we all remember, this business model really