The X-ONE H1 is a new hybrid smartwatch for the fancy traveler

Since the dawn of smartwatches the fancier watch lovers among us have wanted a mechanical watch with all the features of a smart watch. A few comers have attempted this nearly impossible feat and now

This Ridiculous Frankenwatch Embodies Everything The Swiss Are Doing Wrong

Much has already been said about the new mullet watch by Nico Gerard. The watch, called the Pinnacle, costs $9,200 and is essentially a metal band with two watches attached to it. On one side you have

ETA For iPhone Offers A Simpler Way To Get Driving Times & Directions To Your Favorite Places

Looking for a quicker way to find the drive time between two or more points, and optionally get directions? Google Maps may still be everyone’s go-to mapping application on mobile, but a new iPh

800 Swiss ETA Movements Stolen From Watchmaker In Porrentruy

<img src=""> Thieves took a a cache of <a HREF="">Buran-signed</