Air Tailor, an ERA-backed startup, offers on-demand clothing alterations

Almost nobody looks forward to going to the tailor. For one, you have to trek your clothes to and from this place — in metropolitan centers where walking/biking is a primary source of transportation

Dog Parker, because even your dogs deserve a smart home

Everyone says that dogs are a huge responsibility, but it’s hard to feel the weight of that responsibility until you own one. Dog Parker, a new startup out of ERA, is looking to take out some of

Jawbone Streamlines Its Headset Offering With The New Era

Bluetooth headsets, as anyone without a popped collar will tell you, are often items of last resort for the average cellphone user. But Jawbone makes pretty good ones, and their new Era headset aims t

Agolo Aims To Algorithmically Curate Your Twitter Feed

For all the good it's capable of, Twitter is all too often a cacophonous mess of marketers, celebrities, talking heads, and friends who all like to jabber at the same time. Sage Wohns and Mohamed Alta

ERA-Backed mxHero Raises $1.25M Seed Round Led By White Star Capital

mxHero, a company that <a href="">graduated out of the Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator</a>, has just closed a

Meet The Top Five Startups From ERA’s Latest New York Demo Day

Another year has come and gone, and with it a brand new class of Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator graduates. At demo day today, we saw ten companies launch out of development and into the public e

ER Accelerator Announces 10 Startups Joining Its January 2013 Class

It's a brand new year, and a brand new class for the Entrepreneurs' Roundtable Accelerator is only fitting on this cold, January morning. The accelerator announced back in October that this Januar

CaterCow Takes The Trouble Out Of Ordering Food For Groups In NYC

I’m a fan of maintaining as a direct a route between my stomach and food as I can, but that’s the sort of proposition that gets dicier when multiple people are involved. As it happens, multi-perso

Houdini Aims To Solve The Crucial Quality Question That Comes With Using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

We’ve all been there — sometimes there’s work that needs to be done, but it’s too tedious or too time-consuming to devote your own resources to. Services like Amazon’s Mechanical Turk have p

TechCrunch’s Picks From The ERA Demo Day In New York

We're here at the ERA Demo Day in New York City, set to bring you the latest and greatest new startups to launch out of the program. In case you're unfamiliar, ERA stands for Entrepreneurs' Roundtable

Building An App? TapFame Has A Developer For That

Being a mobile application developer is a lot like being a writer. It could make you a millionaire, or it could leave you in a basement apartment eating Top Ramen. But an <a target="_blank" href="