Building An App? TapFame Has A Developer For That

Being a mobile application developer is a lot like being a writer. It could make you a millionaire, or it could leave you in a basement apartment eating Top Ramen.

But an Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator company, TapFame, is ready to make things a bit easier on both the developer and the brands that are looking to build apps.

TapFame allows any developer to easily build a beautiful and engaging portfolio of their work, outlining each app they’ve built with screen shots, reviews, ratings, and the technologies within the app. Developers can also include their compensation information and location, giving companies all the relevant information they’d want during the hiring process.

And the portfolio is always 100% free to the developer.

On the other side of the spectrum, brands can post their proposed app project on TapFame under a strict NDA, so that TapFame can match the company with the proper developers behind the scenes. Of course, companies can search through featured developers on their own if they so choose.

In just four weeks of a closed beta, over 100 mobile app developers have joined the service and been verified as experienced developers. But perhaps more impressive, TapFame has connected these developers with around $105,000 so far. TapFame earns money by taking a 10 percent commission on every job sourced through the site.

Founder Satjot Sawhney was even nice enough to hook up TC readers with a promo code. The first hundred companies to enter the code TC100 will get to post one free project (the price is usually $25 per project).

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