Envisioning Partners

Microsoft’s climate fund backs sustainable jet fuel company Dimensional Energy

The increasing need to reduce carbon emissions drives many industries, including airlines and transportation, to seek sustainable alternatives to meet emission reduction targets and fulfill corporate

CEOs at AMP Robotics, Novoloop and Nth Cycle will discuss disrupting recycling at TC Sessions: Climate

Recycling is an essential — if not particularly glamorous — part of fighting climate change. It’s no secret that the world has a serious trash problem. The U.S. alone generates 292.4 mil

Novoloop says it’s worked out how to upcycle plastic waste, raises $11M Series A

Upcycling polyethylene (the normal ubiquitous plastic we are all familiar with) into high-value plastics that can compete with “virgin” plastic (meaning plastics made directly from petro-c

Envisioning Partners closes on $64M fund for climate tech startups

Most companies today recognize the importance of global warming. As such, they are redefining their goals in an effort to address the climate change issue. Envisioning Partners, a Seoul-based venture