Here’s why we only did three deals last year

There has been a huge disconnect between private and public company valuations over the last few years. This isn’t the first time I’ve said it. It probably won’t be the last. During this period

New initiatives emerge to help refugees

Prompted by the ongoing refugee crisis affecting much of the western world, new initiatives have emerged to provide solutions to the many challenges facing the beleaguered masses. In a sea of clueless

Startups need to do due diligence, too

Tall poppy syndrome and the Canadian opportunity

There’s an epidemic in Canada. That epidemic is a mentality that leaves top talent with no option but to leave the nation’s borders and with them, everything they learned. It undervalues breakthro

Entrepreneurs must learn to negotiate, or they can lose everything

Successfully taking an idea to market involves many more negotiations than most entrepreneurs realize. First, they must figure out whether to share credit with any partners or advisors who helped them

Turning your idea into a funded company

The cost of entry to the startup world has decreased dramatically in the last decade. We’re now at the point where the tools that were once only available to enterprise users have made their way int

Who has their hand on the tap of deal flow?

Universities in the U.S. are a wellspring of innovation, but they are almost certainly killing off some (really) good ideas too early. Investors should be paying more attention to how innovation is tr

What Entrepreneurs Need To Know About Their VCs And How To Identify Red Flags

To most entrepreneurs, the road to venture capital financing is littered with criticism and rejection. Ranging from "limited traction" to "that's a hard space," VCs have an entire vocabulary of terms

A Technology Port In A Market Storm

Headlines in 2015 have been particularly worrisome for global investors. Yet while we see listed businesses facing a whiplash effect from China, Greece and the Middle East, the news headlines about hi

Why Israel Will Probably Never Have A Tech Giant And Why That’s Not Something To Regret

For many years, Israelis used to lament that the local tech scene, while considered second only to Silicon Valley and generating many successful startups, has never been able to grow a world tech lead

Bravery Is At The Heart Of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs looking for a pivot or an idea sometimes ask me “what’s hot now?” That’s the wrong question! What’s hot now is too late for you if your dreams are to be a world-changing entrep

Keep An Eye On Talent And Tech In Canada

Thanks to a culture of inventiveness (you think just anyone could survive these winters?), thriving universities, innovative new talent development programs and robust government support, we're in the

The New Era Of Youth Startups

Facebook, Google, Yahoo -- the pillars of the social revolution were all started by college students in their dorms. This was 10, 20 years ago. In the past decade, the proliferation of youth-centric s

What Los Angeles Is Missing

L.A. tech has clearly hit its growth inflection point, but the City of Angels has yet to get its startup wings. Here's the good news: In 2014 alone, we raised more than $3 billion, saw more than $5 bi

Can We Get Entrepreneurs And Politicians To Speed Date?

Entrepreneurs need to be more politically engaged. When we think of regulatory hurdles that entrepreneurs face, we think about Uber and Airbnb. But outdated policies affect startups in every industry,

The State Of Agtech

Since the beginning of modern agriculture, farmers and entrepreneurs alike have been sharpening their focus and looking at ways to apply technology to compensate for the mercurial behavior of Mother N

Cuba’s Startup Paradox

You see them everywhere. Throngs of young and old, men and women, heads down on their smartphones, fingers rapid fire, mouths curling into smiles as they soak up the joy of an Internet connection. Why

Fear Of Failure May Ensure It

At the dawn of the web I launched one of the first e-commerce sites. I spent six months on research, perfecting the site, striving to get everything right. After six hours live I’d learned more from

Design In The Age Of The Consumer

The Apple iPhone, Spotify’s streaming service and the Tesla Roadster -- all revolutionary pieces of technology that secured competitive advantages because of the quality of their design. In the past

How We Bootstrapped A SaaS Company To 4 Million Users — And Why Google Owes Us €400,000

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