• Review: Energizer Dual-Zone Inductive Charging Pad

    Review: Energizer Dual-Zone Inductive Charging Pad

    Short Version: Energizer’s Inductive Charging pad gets rid of the wires, looks nice, and just makes getting your charge on easier. Unfortunately, the accessories needed to use the charging pad make your phone fat and ugly. Read More

  • Energizer battery charger contains a trojan

    Wha? Apparently the Energizer DUO USB battery charger contains a bit of malware, Arucer.dll, which allows remote system access on port 7777. CERT warns: An attacker is able to remotely control a system, including the ability to list directories, send and receive files, and execute programs. The backdoor operates with the privileges of the logged-on user. Read More

  • Review: Energizer Flat Panel 2X Charging System for Wii

    Available starting today, the $30 Energizer Flat Panel 2X Charging System from Performance Designed Products is an inexpensive, quick, and cool way to juice up your Wii remotes. Read More

  • Review: Energizer Xpal XP2000

    Short Version: If you’re the proud owner of a battery sucking 3G device like the iPhone, G1, Pre or any small gadget that can be recharged via miniUSB or microUSB then you’ll want to listen to what I have to say. At $45, the Energizer XP2000 is without a doubt, the best external power solution that you can buy today. Read More

  • Hands-on: Energizer Induction Charging System for the Wii

    Induction charging equals magic. OK, not really, but if you were to show such a thing to a caveman he’d probably keel over and die. Actually, he/she/it would probably freak out and club someone, which is the exact opposite of what Brendan Fraser did in Encino Man. Sorry, I’m delirious from malnourishment. Anyway, I’ve had a week with Energizer’s Induction Charging… Read More

  • Unboxing: Energizer Induction Charging System for the Wii

    Energizer’s Induction Charging System for the Wii won’t hit retailers for another three weeks, but a magical fairy dropped one off at the CG office the other day. Inductive charging systems have been around for some time and chances are that you probably have an electronic toothbrush in the medicine cabinet that’s charging inductively as you read this. So it isn’t new… Read More

  • Energizer solar recharger to debut at CES

    Details of a portable solar-powered AA and AAA battery charger by Energizer were leaked last week and we’ll see the charger debut next month at CES. Read More

  • Review: Energizer 15-minute charger

    There are only a handful of gadgets in my possession that can’t be charged over USB: TV/Cable/Blu-ray player remotes and my DSLR. My Xbox 360 controller was a battery hog once upon a time, but the Nyko Charge Base took care of that. The remotes aren’t as taxing on batteries as my SLR — that puppy is constantly draining my supply of batteries. I could always cut back on the… Read More

  • Energizer will debut fancy new Zinc Air Prismatic battery at CES 2009

    What’s the most annoying part of your favorite gadget, be it your laptop, your phone or your portable media player? In fact, what do they all have in common? Here’s one vote for terrible battery life. (I have a cheap-o Philips digital audio player whose battery lasts, I think, 27 seconds before dying.) So here’s hoping that Energizer’s new zinc air battery, to debut at… Read More

  • Febot conceptually charges your batteries with the power of wind!

    This little guy, the Febot, charges your batteries, literally. Like, it literally charges Duracell (and other, lesser brands) batteries. Well, “literally” is a bit strong, as it’s only a concept, but whatever. Read More

  • Review: Energizer Hard Case Professional Headlight

    Do you play too much Splinter Cell? Do you sneak around the neighborhood knocking people unconscious and dragging their bodies into the shadows pretending to be Sam Fisher ? If you can’t afford proper night vision goggles, you could try this headlight. You won’t see in the dark or see your neighbor’s heat signature through their wall or tell where the main electrical lines… Read More

  • Energizer understands the plight of gamers, announces Power & Play charging system

    Gamers are well aware that having to change batteries during a frag fest is aggravating. So aggravating that you may throw things unintentionally breaking your roommates prized collection of snow globes or something like that. But enough about me. Energizer announced rechargeable systems for all three major consoles today that include a charging base, replacement battery covers and… Read More

  • Hands on with Energizer's Duo USB charger, compact charger

    Yeah, I know, they’re just batteries, but we rely on them for just about everything from games to cameras and everything in between. I can recharge batteries via USB. That’s hot. I’ll be testing them on my Xbox 360 wireless controllers, Pentax K100D Super and whatever else takes AA or AAA batteries. Product Page Read More

  • Energizer Gets With The Program, Releases iPod Charger

    Having to buy batteries stinks, but at least Energizer is starting to cater to gadget-lovers. After a positive response with its cellphone chargers, Energizer has released the Energi To Go Portable Power For iPod. The device runs off of two Energizer e2 Lithium AA batteries, which provides up to 32 additional hours of music. Energizer will sell tons of these to people with dead iPods… Read More

  • Battery Backup in a Cellphone

    The Philips Xenium NRG — apparently Zorbiantium SPRFLY was already taken — is the first “commercial” mobile phone to use Techitium’s BackuPower system which allows phone users to add a little AAA battery to a phone to get a bit more juice without charging. The old fella at their booth wouldn’t let me take pictures, but it basically looks like a white… Read More