Review: Energizer Xpal XP2000


Short Version: If you’re the proud owner of a battery sucking 3G device like the iPhone, G1, Pre or any small gadget that can be recharged via miniUSB or microUSB then you’ll want to listen to what I have to say. At $45, the Energizer XP2000 is without a doubt, the best external power solution that you can buy today.

Extended Version

The entire line of Xpal power solutions seem reasonably priced and offer a variety of charging options depending on your gadget collection. The XP2000 packs a 2000 mAh rechargeable battery, which is just enough to bring back most of my mobile devices back from the dead once (Hero, Curve 8900, G1, iPhone 3G). Recharging the XP2000 takes a few hours and can be done via USB, AC or a 12V outlet.

Packaged in a handsome zipper case, the XP2000 comes with a 12V USB adapter, USB cable, miniUSB, microUSB, Nokia and iPhone/iPod tips as well as an AC USB adapter.

I know it’s not a hybrid case/battery pack, but I suggest spending the $45 on this then something like the Mophie Juice packs. In fact, the Mophie Juice Pack Air that I reviewed back in April is now broken and no longer recharges my iPhone 3G. That’s a total of three (maybe four) battery packs from Mophie that have stopped working less than six months after receiving them for review.

Big name battery purveyors like Energizer rarely back janky products, so it’s a safe bet that the Xpal line of products will work for more than a year (I hope).

XP2000 [Product Page]