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Apple’s AR headset is a game-changer for startups

Even with its hefty price tag, the Apple Vision Pro is still a killer device. Startups should pay attention.

Apple’s new headset fails to excite investors but sends shares of Unity soaring

Investors in Apple shares bid the company's stock to all-time highs ahead of WWDC. Shares of the company held up for a period before losing steam.

Tepid investor reaction clouds Lyft’s new strategy

This Friday morning we’re parsing Lyft’s Q1 results and Q2 guidance, the latter of which we’ll place in context of its strategic choices moving forward.

Here’s why Uber investors are cheering its Q1 earnings results

It's tempting to assume that the ride-hailing model is going the way of moribund businesses, but Uber's Q1 results partially dispel those concerns.

How technology unlocks business models: The story of Netflix

Sixteen years after its reinvention as a streaming company, Netflix announced that it's shuttering its mail-order DVD business. Here's a look at how it got to where it is today.

The on-demand delivery trilemma

The on-demand delivery trilemma refers to the challenge of balancing three of the most important factors in the on-demand delivery of convenience foods: speed, profitability and affordability.

A Vine mess: The choice between rebooting and reviving old software

Are the problems Vine is facing even technical in nature, or does it have to do with the core business model?

3 views: What does the future of social media look like after Twitter?

Twitter’s demise might be overstated, but we still can’t unsee what we saw in 2022. The newly Elon Musk-owned social network could continue zombie-shuffling for months or years for all we

Mastodon creator Eugen Rochko talks funding and how to build the anti-Twitter

Mastodon’s success has somewhat taken its creator Eugen Rochko by surprise, but he's steadfast on maintaining its nonprofit nature.

As tech companies seek to limit losses, a reminder of how far some have to go

If Bilibili and Twilio are enduring headaches as investors molt from growth-oriented to more profit-focused beasts, how much harder will it be for startups?

Why mobile subscription management platforms are enjoying tailwinds

Subscription management services are meant to be used by developers, but not only: Their user personas include engineering, product and marketing teams.

Twitter just keeps getting more expensive

Meta and Snap's falling values change the calculus of Elon Musk's Twitter purchase. How does the deal look now?

Meta’s metaverse wager is also a bet on founder control

Meta is not changing course even after shedding more than half of its value from 2021 highs amid public calls from investors for a course correction.

Big Tech falls short in the first salvos of the Q3 earnings cycle

Given the ever-changing state of the world's economy this year, the information that Big Tech earnings provide is even more important than usual.

Korean internet giant Naver eyes North America, Europe as it grows its C2C marketplace business

Naver is using its acquisition of Poshmark to expand in North America and Europe as it grows its consumer-to-consumer marketplace business.

How expensive is Elon’s Twitter buy?

Here's what happens if you force a company to accept your bid, and then later have to close the deal after the stock market has sold off. 

This startup out of Carnegie Mellon wrangled my tabs once and for all

Skeema, a startup out of Pittsburgh's Carnegie Mellon University, takes a research-backed approach to tab management.

3 takeaways from the Poshmark-Naver deal

Let's chat through the Naver-Poshmark deal's numbers and consider how the late-2022 M&A market differs from that of mid-2021.

Yeah, funding for creator-focused startups is drying up

Many creator-focused startups were predicated on the idea of more folks becoming creators. But with the underpinning advertising market slowing, how likely will that prove to be?

It’s not just you: The freemium bar is shifting

Here's another sign of the times: Free tiers are becoming less generous.
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