Skyflow expands its regional footprint as it adds generative AI support to its data privacy tooling

So far, Skyflow has found notable international adoption. The company does more than 40% of its current business with non-American customers.

On the internet, nobody knows you’re a bot

We may be so comprehensively copulated at this moment in time, that digging our way out might prove impossible. Brew a cup of coffee and take a breath; this isn't going to be pretty.

3 things businesses must do to secure applications in the AI era

Here are three actions organizations preparing their application security for a post-AI world need to consider in their security strategies.

Ten months after promotion, Red Hat CEO Matt Hicks navigates layoffs and AI’s rise

Ten months into his tenure as CEO at Red Hat, Matt Hicks has had to deal with myriad issues from the economy to emerging AI.

Solana launches ChatGPT plug-in to help users interact with its network

The Solana Foundation is working to integrate AI into its network with a ChatGPT plug-in developed by Solana Labs.

Will startups have a shot in the enterprise AI race?

Recent news from Appian and Neeva make plain that the number of participants racing to build AI tooling and services for large companies is expected to be healthy.

Retail media targeting on the AI maturity curve

Let’s look at the three most important milestones along the road to predictive analysis in the retail media context.

How to avoid AI commoditization: 3 tactics for running successful pilot programs

One mistake AI founders commonly make is that building models of client data is sufficient for product-market-fit and differentiation.

VCs love to talk about AI, but they aren’t writing as many checks as you might think

With AI hype peaking, it would seem that investment in AI startups would be correspondingly high, but surprisingly, it's way down.

Deal Dive: AI relationship coach Amorai offers more questions than answers

Amorai is creating an AI relationship coach but the startup isn't sharing what it could look like, and an AI expert isn't sure it would work.

As AI consumes search, what will be left for us humans?

I hope that you'll still want to read my stuff in the future. If not, at least I probably helped train my replacement.

The debate happening inside of every VC firm

Clearly, VC firms are landing on different conclusions while debating how to jump into AI during its nondebatable watershed moment.

Making foundation models accessible: The battle between closed and open source AI

We’ve entered a critical phase of AI where who gets to build and serve these powerful models has become an important discussion point.

Salesforce is betting that its own content can bring more trust to generative AI

Salesforce is betting that generative AI will be at the center of its enterprise strategy, and it can fuel LLMs as a trusted data source.

Generative AI and copyright law: What’s the future for IP?

AI-generated content presents a second concern: What if AI bots infringe on third parties’ intellectual property rights?

Tech workers could take labor lessons from Hollywood’s writers

Hollywood's writers already had a mechanism in place to rebuff what they consider to be unfair changes to their compensation and employment. Tech workers don't have that muscle.

The best way to avoid a down round is to found an AI startup

More capital went to AI startups in Q1 2023 than in the sequentially preceding quarter. In contrast, non-AI startups saw their capital inflows constrict over the same timeframe.

As generative AI finds its footing in enterprise products, how will companies charge for its use?

HubSpot CEO Yamini Rangan told investors that generative AI is going to "rapidly” change the business landscape.

Four investors explain why AI ethics can’t be an afterthought

Some onus lies on investors to make sure these new technologies are being built by founders with ethics in mind.

This could be AI’s light bulb moment

In the 19th century, electricity was the primary technology that was driving innovation, but it wasn’t until it was practically applied with inventions like the light bulb and the telephone that
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