To benefit all, diverse voices must take part in leading the growth and regulation of AI

As AI’s presence in our lives increases, so does the number of diverse founders leveraging it to develop positive, socially impactful services and products.

Startups must strategize and budget for AI-assisted software development in 2024

Enterprises need to understand how much to budget into AI tools, how to weigh the benefits of AI vs. new recruits, and how to ensure their training is on point.

Can AI do ugly?

Some thoughts on AI aesthetics, the challenge of uninsurability, and how to pitch a biotech startup to non-experts.

Deal Dive: Can AI fix lost and found?

Boomerang thinks so. It uses machine learning to match photos and descriptions of lost items to streamline the lost and found process.

Critical 2024 AI policy blueprint: Unlocking potential and safeguarding against workplace risks

Richard Marcus Contributor Richard Marcus is the head of information security at AuditBoard. Many have described 2023 as the year of AI, and the term made several “word of the year” lists.

Was HPE’s $14B Juniper acquisition a wise move?

As you’ll see, the companies think the numbers look pretty good, and they really do match up well (so long as HPE doesn’t mess it up).

Yes, the tech layoff surge you are feeling is real

January has thus far seen 23,670 known tech layoffs, sourced from 85 known reductions, and hitting tech shops big and small.

There’s an AI ‘brain drain’ in academia

Data from various surveys show that there's an exodus in academia where it concerns top AI talent — and where they end up.

AI startups’ margin profile could ding their long-term worth

Despite all the enthusiasm, there's a niggling detail that deserves our attention: AI startups often have worse economics than most software startups.

Navigate the GenAI era with this startup map

Balancing protective measures, like data protection protocols, with progressive strategies, such as AI-driven product rollouts, is essential.

The two faces of AI

We all make mistakes. But sometimes we forget that technology does, too — especially when it comes to AI, which is still in its early days in many respects.

Age tech at CES was much more than gadgets

CES was definitely worth watching closely, if only just for the rise of age tech.

How to pick a name for your AI startup

In this world of exploding innovation in the AI industry, a great name paired with a great product will make your technology rise above.

Generative AI isn’t a home run in the enterprise

Execs are skeptical about generative AI for a range of reasons, as revealed by a recent survey published by Boston Consulting Group.

Quora’s AI platform could likely come to dictate the company’s future

It's not impossible that the tagline may flip to "Quora, brought to you by Poe" from "Poe, brought to you by Quora."

How to build the foundation for a profitable AI startup

Building a profitable AI business poses unique challenges beyond those faced when launching a typical tech startup.

Building a viable pricing model for generative AI features could be challenging

As companies, large and small, layer on generative AI features, they could struggle to find a pricing scheme that balances value and cost.

As AI becomes standard, watch for these 4 DevSecOps trends

Harnessing AI to drive innovation and deliver enhanced customer value will be critical to staying competitive in the AI-driven marketplace.

Data ownership is leading the next tech megacycle

The time is nigh for the U.S. and other mature markets to get in the game before falling behind in a brave new world of data ownership rights.

VCs are optimistic that AI investing will move beyond the hype in 2024

Investors are hoping for more enterprise adoption and vertical AI solutions this year as the AI startup market starts to grow up.
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