• Crunch Report | Snapchat Halloween Costume

    Duo Security raises $70 million, a close look at Apple’s self-driving car, Snapchat’s Halloween costume and Abu Dhabi’s state fund is doing business in San Francisco. All this on Crunch Report! Read More

  • Duo Security raises $70 million at a valuation north of $1 billion

    Duo Security raises $70 million at a valuation north of $1 billion

    Duo Security today announced its Series D funding that puts the company in unicorn territory. The company raised $70 million led by Meritech Capital Partners and Lead Edge Capital at a valuation of $1.17 billion. This funding round brings the company’s total amount raised to $119 million. This round included new investors, Index Ventures and Workday, that latter of which joins as a… Read More

  • The days of Google Talk are over

    The days of Google Talk are over

    The days of Google Talk are quickly coming to an end. As the company announced today, the messaging service that allowed Gmail users to talk to each other since it launched in 2005, will now be completely retired. Read More

  • Google Duo adds supports for audio-only calls because why not

    Google Duo adds supports for audio-only calls because why not

    Google’s standalone video-calling app Duo is no longer just for video calls. The company announced today it’s adding support for audio-only calls – a feature aimed at increasing the app’s adoption in emerging markets, where a strong, high-bandwidth network connection isn’t always available. The option is first rolling out to users in Brazil, with an expansion to… Read More

  • Google shows off Duo, its new HD video calling app and answer to Apple’s FaceTime

    Google shows off Duo, its new HD video calling app and answer to Apple’s FaceTime

    Some have criticised Google for falling behind when it comes to social networking and new communications services, but the company is now working hard to catch up. Today, the company announced a new video calling app called Duo — a high-definition app for Android and iOS devices. Duo was unveiled on the heels of Allo, Google’s new smart messaging app. Why the decision to launch… Read More

  • Duo Is A DIY 3D Motion Sensing Controller

    Duo Is A DIY 3D Motion Sensing Controller

    The Duo is a 3D motion sensing controller, much like the Leap Motion Controller and the Kinect – but with a DIY twist. Whereas the Leap Motion Controller comes in a small and elegant package, the Duo is meant to be tinkered with. A $20 contribution on their Kickstarter page is enough to nab detailed instructions, a comprehensive list of the off-the-shelf components, and CAD files… Read More

  • Pantech Duo gets the Windows Mobile 6.1 treatment

    Right after Helio worked with Pantech on the Ocean, Pantech cranked out the strikingly similar (albeit with less spring-loaded-slider goodness) Duo. This morning, Pantech announced that not only had all the Duos currently sitting on AT&T’s shelves been bumped up to Windows Mobile 6.1, but that the folks back at home could get in on the fun too. If you’ve got a Helio Ocean… Read More

  • Pantech Duo now in red, just in time for Valentine's Day (barf)

    AT&T is all about red devices lately and, of course, they’re pushing them hard for Valentine’s day. Already in the red line-up is Samsung’s Blackjack II, LG’s Shine and BlackBerry’s Curve. Enter Pantech’s Duo. Yeah, it’s still the so-so Windows Mobile device we reviewed a short time ago. A $99 smartphone isn’t too shabby. Product Page Read More

  • Pantech Duo Review

    What would a week of “Smartphones Now” be without a review of a smartphone? A terrible one, I’m sure. So what are we going to look at today? The Duo from Pantech for AT&T. Not exactly the hottest smartphone on the market, but it does have a few qualities that are quite endearing. I’m also jaded and hate all phones to begin with. Heh. That’s not entirely true. Read More

  • Hands on with the Pantech Duo

    After a dreadful day of sitting on the couch, sleeping on the couch and playing Assassin’s Creed from the couch since I was under the weather yesterday, I return to the CrunchGear/TechCrunch office to find a UPS box waiting for me. What could it be?! Yeah, I know you already know since it’s blatantly obvious in the headlines but bear with me. So what I have here is the Duo, which… Read More

  • AT&T's Duo official today

    The Pantech Duo (aka It’s-not-the-ocean) has been officialized today by AT&T. The Windows Mobile 6 smartphone is a true world phone, and will work in most countries supporting GSM. Like the Helio Ocean, the Duo has dual-sliding keypads, one T9, and one’s QWERTY. We’re big fans of the Ocean for its design, but it’ll be interesting to see how the form factor carries… Read More