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  • Splitmo Building Apps For The Future Of Dual Screen Viewing, Tackles Slide Shows First

    Splitmo Building Apps For The Future Of Dual Screen Viewing, Tackles Slide Shows First

    Chapel Hill, NC-based Splitmo is a brand new company looking to build a business on an emerging trend: dual screen content consumption. The startup debuted its first app today, Air Show, a universal app for iPad and iPhone that gives users greater control over their photo slideshows as broadcast wirelessly using Apple’s AirPlay or via a tethered HDMI connection. But wait, doesn’t… Read More

  • Microsoft Patent Describes Detachable Dual-Screen Device

    We have mixed feelings about dual-screen devices. The dual-screen Kyocera Echo landed rather flatly, despite its unique form-factor, and though we’re excited to see Sony’s folding S2 tablet up close, we’re still hesitant about all those hinges and springs. But Microsoft seems to be flirting with the idea of it, filing a patent that describes a dual-screen device (possibly… Read More

  • LifeTouch W: NEC To Finally Ship Their Dual-Screen Android Tablet Next Month

    The dual 7-inch screen Android tablet that NEC introduced during CES earlier this year is finally ready to ship (in Japan, at least). The company today announced [JP] that it’s now called LifeTouch W, and that it’s scheduled to hit stores over here sometime next month. Read More

  • Onkyo to sell beefed up version of Kohjinsha's dual-screen notebook

    I’m sure many of you remember the pretty cool-looking dual-screen notebook Japanese company Kohjinsha announced last month (it’s already available over here). As it turns out, another Japanese PC maker, Onkyo, thought the device is worthy enough to get rebranded and improved spec-wise. The result is the DX1007A5 [JP], which is slightly more expensive than the Kohjinsha original… Read More

  • Kohjinsha's futuristic dual-screen notebook

    Maybe it’s just me, but this dual-screen notebook Kojinsha started selling in Japan today [JP] looks very futuristic (and very cool) to me. The main selling point is that you get not one but two 10.1-inch LCD screens in a compact body (size: 280×210×19〜42mm, weight: 1.84kg). And you can even buy the DZ6KH16E, which looks like a normal notebook when you use just one of the screens, if… Read More

  • Lenovo DS: new laptop sports two screens

    This really doesn’t look like something that will catch on, but it’s certainly momentous. The Lenovo W700DS has one 17-inch display like its predecessor, and another 10-inch one that slides out from behind. Madness, you say? Yeah, I agree. Read More

  • ASUS Makes Us Look Twice with Dual-Screen Laptop

    We’re liking this idea. Even the cheapest clamshell phones these days have a secondary external display. Doesn’t it make sense for your laptop as well? ASUSTeK thinks it’s a good idea. Their WSFe is the first production laptop to market with an secondary display, on the back of the primary LCD. You can use it to check your email (read only), reference notes to yourself, or… Read More