Microsoft Patent Describes Detachable Dual-Screen Device

We have mixed feelings about dual-screen devices. The dual-screen Kyocera Echo landed rather flatly, despite its unique form-factor, and though we’re excited to see Sony’s folding S2 tablet up close, we’re still hesitant about all those hinges and springs. But Microsoft seems to be flirting with the idea of it, filing a patent that describes a dual-screen device (possibly a smartphone) with one display that can be detached.

Viewable content on the detached screen would depend on what the user is doing on the primary screen. If the detached screen is unnecessary, it gets its own docking station to chill in until you need both. It’s tough to tell whether or not this one will come to fruition. Tech beasts like Microsoft (especially Microsoft) tend to whip out patents on a fast schedule, many of them to never see the light of day. On the other hand, with competitors like Sony already pushing out dual-screen devices, Microsoft could very well be prepping for its entry into the dual-screen arena.

[via Phone Arena