Wingcopter, Germany’s drone delivery startup, raises another $44M from the EIB

Wingcopter, a startup out of Germany that has made a name for itself in the world of delivery drones used primarily for delivery of medicine and other goods to remote areas, has picked up some more fi

Zipline’s new drone delivery platform attracts more US customers

Drone delivery startup Zipline is expanding its U.S. customer base across healthcare, restaurant and retail verticals. Global health and wellness brand GNC, Seattle-based pizza restaurant Pagliacci Pi

Whisper Aero wants to make aviation, and the rest of the world, quieter

The world is loud. If delivery drones and air taxis — also known as electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft — gain the level of market saturation investors are hoping for,

Verity raises $32M as IKEA stores deploy its inventory drones

There’s no shortage of startups attempting to put drones to work. There is, however, a longstanding question around the efficacy of such plans. Drones — especially the smaller variety —

Zipline unveils cute little droid to make drone delivery more accurate

Zipline unveiled its next generation electric autonomous drone platform Wednesday that includes an updated drone as well as a more accurate method of delivering parcels to a customer’s home. Zip

Wing likens its drone ‘delivery network’ to rideshare

Drone delivery is one of those ideas that’s been sold as “the next big thing” forever. Regardless of how bullish you happen to be on the technology, there’s undeniably a lot that has to be fig

Brinc’s Lemur 2 straps on blue strobes and is ready for action

Drone developer Brinc today showed off its newest drone, designed to help cops and others who care about public safety do their jobs from a safe distance. The new quadcopter is called Lemur 2 and is t

Skydio soars to a $2.2 billion valuation after raising $230M Series E

Drones are quickly becoming more than flying selfie cameras. Amid growing geopolitical tensions, drone makers are seeing increased demand and acceptance as drones move farther from consumers’ ha

Hype machines

The age-old question in my industry is, “Where are we in a given hype cycle?” For now, crypto news cycle dominance has, thankfully, died now, largely through its own self-destructive tende

DJI’s Mini 2 SE ultraportable drone takes to the skies

It’s a couple of years since DJI first launched its Mavic Mini, and last year it brought the Mini 3 Pro. It’s utterly confusing why the current drone is called the Mini 2 SE, but in any ca

Drone imagery firm DroneBase rebrands to Zeitview, lands $55M investment

Zeitview, the company formerly known as DroneBase, today announced that it raised $55 million to further develop its air and ground data capture tech. Led by Valor Equity Partners with participation f

This gentle drone collects loose DNA from swaying tree branches

Understanding the biodiversity of forests is crucial to their conservation or restoration. Collecting “external DNA” left behind by animals is a good way to find out what lives there witho

This autonomous ornithopter lands and perches on a single claw

Isn’t it wonderful that there are researchers out there whose job is quite simply to make a robotic bird? That’s certainly the goal of this lab, whose flapping-wing drone, or ornithopter,

Zipline is now the national drone service provider for Rwanda

Zipline got its start six years ago using its autonomous electric drones to deliver blood in Rwanda. Now, the logistics and drone delivery startup is expanding its Rwandan government partnership with

Skydio takes flight with new drone docking stations for easy remote deployment

Autonomous drones have a tremendous amount of potentially valuable use cases, but even if the drones have the smarts to go and do their jobs by themselves they need to come home to base to recharge. S

Amazon previews its new delivery drone, the MK30

Following this morning’s debut of the Sparrow bin-picking robot, Amazon just unveiled MK30, the latest iteration of its delivery drone. The system is the successor to the MK27-2, which is set to deb

Drones in cities are a bad idea

It’s year five, or maybe 10, of “drones are going to revolutionize transport,” and so far we’ve got very little to show for it. Maybe it’s time to put these foolish ambit

Dedrone’s counter-drone jammer uses science to stop drones in their tracks

Drones are lovely for all sorts of things, including shooting incredible 700-shot gigapixel images over Burning Man, for example. But they can also be used for nefarious purposes, carrying explosives

Gather AI secures new cash to scan inventory in warehouses using drones

Gather AI, a startup using drones to inventory items in warehouses, today announced that it raised $10 million in a Series A round led by Tribeca Venture Partners with participation from Xplorer Capit

US arm of Israeli defense giant Elbit Systems says it was hacked

Elbit Systems of America, the U.S. arm of Israeli defense contractor Elbit, says its network was compromised in early June and personal information of employees was stolen. In a breach notification fi
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