• Head Of Affiliate Network Leaves Google, Joins Behavioral Marketing Firm

    Behavior-based marketing solutions provider Catalina Marketing has scored a big win. The company, which specializes in precision marketing and shopper-driven media, has tapped former Google exec Chris Henger to run its Digital Services business unit. Henger joins Catalina Marketing from Google’s Affiliate Network business, originally part of the Google acquisition of DoubleClick in 2008… Read More

  • DART Is Now DoubleClick For Publishers, Google Ad Manager Gets Rebranded DFP Small Business

    If you run a Website that uses DoubleClick’s DART ad server or Google Ad Manager, those products just got a major upgrade and rebranding. The DART brand is being retired and it will now be called DoubleClick For Publishers. Meanwhile, Google Ad Manager (which targets smaller Websites) will now be called DFP Small Business. With the rebranding, DoubleClick is rolling out a new dashboard… Read More

  • Google's DoubleClick Launches New Marketplace For Display Ads

    Google, which has dominated search advertising, is hoping to take over the display advertisement space by launching new DoubleClick Ad Exchange to create an open, real-time marketplace for large online publishers and ad networks and agencies to buy and sell display advertising space. In an announcement made on the company’s blog, Google says that display advertising, which are ad… Read More

  • Adgregate Markets Scores Distribution Deal With Google's DoubleClick

    Adgregate Markets, a TechCrunch 50 startup, has signed a distribution deal with Google’s DoubleClick. Adgregate’s ShopAds allow consumers to browse, interact, and ultimately purchase directly within an ad unit. Normal display ads take users away from a publisher’s site and brings them to a third-party store but Adgregate lets users buy products featured in ads without moving… Read More

  • The Great Online Advertising Divide Widens

    As online advertising spending continues its meteoric rise — the Wall Street Journal is reporting a healthy gain of 20 percent in the second quarter alone — not every form of advertising is enjoying such success. In fact, as economic troubles continue, more and more advertisers are only willing to spend money on search ads and are increasingly ignoring other forms of… Read More

  • Google To Sell Performics

    Google has announced that it will sell Performics, the search engine marketing arm of Doubleclick. As we reported March 12, Performics presented a major conflict of interest for Google as the service offered SEO services that were focused on improving site rankings in Google. Tom Phillips, Director, DoubleClick Integration at Google wrote on the Google Blog: It’s clear to us that we do… Read More

  • Google Now Selling SEO Services Via Performics

    As we reported yesterday, Google has now successfully acquired DoubleClick after receiving EU approval for the deal. While the focus has been rightly on display advertising, many have missed one part of the deal that will raise eyebrows: Google now owns SEO service Performics. DoubleClick’s Performics offers search engine services that include “natural search solutions” such… Read More

  • Eyeblaster Files For $115 Million IPO

    Online advertising firm Eyeblaster has registered for a $115 million initial public offering on the NASDAQ. Lehman Brothers and Deutsche Bank Securities are serving as joint bookrunners with UBS Securities and Pacific Crest Securities as co-managers. New York based Eyeblaster offers online campaign management solutions and services to advertising agencies and advertisers. Eyeblaster… Read More

  • EU: Microsoft's Last Stand Against Google's Acquisition of DoubleClick

    As we reported December 20, the last hurdle to Google’s acquisition of Doubleclick now rests with the European Union after obtaining approval for the merger in the United States. One company petitioning against the acquisition is Microsoft. The NY Times has a copy of a leaked Microsoft document here (.doc) that details in dot points the case against the acquisition. One choice… Read More

  • Google-DoubleClick Deal Passes FTC Hurdle. Now Comes the Hard Part: Europe

    As we noted earlier, the FTC has indeed cleared Google’s $3.1 billion acquisition of DoubleClick. Notably, the FTC required no conditions for clearing the transaction, which is a big win for Google. It won’t have to sell off any businesses or change any of its current business practices. Google’s chief legal officer David Drummond gives a rundown of the reasoning behind… Read More

  • Google Set To Get DoubleClick Approval As Christmas Present

    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will rule in favor of Google’s acquisition of DoubleClick, possibly as soon as this week, according to sources quoted by Bloomberg. The FTC has been investigating the acquisition on competition grounds since it was first announced in April. A number of high profile respondents argued against the acquisition, including AT&T and Microsoft, and in… Read More