• Google-DoubleClick Deal Delayed in Europe

    Google’s big move into display advertising is going to be delayed, maybe until April, if it gets approved at all. The European Commission is holding up Google’s acquisition of DoubleClick on antitrust concerns, fearing that Google’s current dominance of search advertising, combined with DoubleClick’s leading position in display advertising will create an… Read More

  • DoubleClick Clicks Through To Mobile

    Look out Third Screen Media and AdMob. There is a new player on deck, and things are about to get interesting. This week digital advertising agency mobile made it official and announced the launch of DoubleClick Mobile, which will extend its digital advertising business to the mobile masses. And the ad giant didn’t miss a step in making this sound like a revolutionary move… Read More

  • Google Being Investigated By FTC Over Its DoubleClick Purchase

    Google just can’t catch a break. The Old Gray Lady reports that federal investigators are looking into the search company’s proposed acquisition of DoubleClick. The Federal Trade Commission is responding to complaints from several privacy advocacy groups that claim Google would have access to too much information if it bought DoubleClick. Intrigue! Read More

  • Breaking: Google Spends $3.1 Billion To Acquire DoubleClick

    About 20 minutes ago Google announced that they have agreed to acquired DoubleClick for $3.1 billion in cash (nearly double the size of their YouTube Acquisition). Microsoft was reportedly in a bidding war with Google for the company. Google gets access to DoubleClick’s advertising software and, perhaps more importantly, their customers and network. DoubleClick was founded in 1996. Read More