(Founder Stories) Fmr. DoubleClick CEO, Kevin Ryan "We Lost 70% Of Our Clients" (TCTV)

Former DoubleClick CEO, Kevin Ryan led the company through a period of explosive growth in the late ’90’s. He took the ad-targeting company from a handful of employees to more than 2,000 in just 4 years before selling to Google for $3 billion. However, as Ryan discusses in this episode of Founder Stories with Chris Dixon, the dot.com bust threatened to wash it all away.

Ryan says during the downturn, “we lost 70% of our clients, bankrupt, and the only thing that saved us is we probably lost 80% of our competitors.” His white collar war story features seven rounds of layoffs.  Make sure to watch this episode as Ryan relates how he rebounded and went on to start AlleyCorp, a network of companies that includes Gilt Groupe, Business Insider, ShopWiki, and 10gen.

In the below clip, Ryan dives into the beginnings of one of these AlleyCorp companies, 10gen, which makes the MongoDB database.

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