Google Acquires mDialog To Improve DoubleClick’s Video Advertising

Google today announced that it has acquired video advertising company mDialog.

In a post on Google+, the company said that it will “work with the mDialog team to incorporate their technology and expertise into our DoubleClick product suite,” helping publishers on DoubleClick (which was a Google acquisition) monetize their video content.

The company pointed to Partner Select, its recently announced programmatic marketplace for video ads, as another example of how it’s investing in “helping brands connect with high-quality video content.”

mDialog was founded nearly a decade ago and raised $8 million in funding, most recently in a Series A led by Blackberry Partners Fund. (Update: By the way, the firm managing the fund rebranded as Relay Ventures a couple of years ago. Through its Smart Stream Platform, mDialog says it can integrate with existing ad tech to deliver videos to a number of devices, including iPad, iPhone, Android, GoogleTV, Apple TV, Roku, and Xbox.

mDialog said on its website that it will continue to work with its existing customers with “no immediate changes.”

A Google spokesperson, meanwhile, said the company is not disclosing the acquisition price or commenting beyond its initial post.