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Meet Double Robotics’ Faster, Sturdier Double 2 Wheeled iPad With A Face

You’ve likely seen Double Robotics’ telepresence robot roaming around a tech event or two. The iPad on a stick that live streams into the board room or your living room just released a fas

Today In Dystopian War Robots That Will Harvest Us For Our Organs

You're in luck today, true believers! We have four exciting robots that will eventually enslave and/or eat us, each one more beautiful than the last, thereby allowing us to be lulled into a false sens

The Double Robotics iPad-Equipped Teleconferencing Robot Is Shipping

It's impossible to be in two places at once. But <a href="">Double Robotics</a>, a <a href="">wheel-equipped robot

Meet The Future Of CES Reporting: The Double Robotics Telepresence Robot

Ignore all the noise at CES and just get a <a target="_blank" href="">Double</a>, a Telepresence robot with an iPad for a face. Pay someone to turn it on at CES and enjoy

Meet The Double, A YC-Backed Teleconferencing Robot With An iPad For A Face

Teleconferencing has changed the way business is conducted. Small companies can hire talent in another city, large corporations can save money by having international meetings in a conference room, an