Meet The Future Of CES Reporting: The Double Robotics Telepresence Robot

Ignore all the noise at CES and just get a Double, a Telepresence robot with an iPad for a face. Pay someone to turn it on at CES and enjoy all the sights and sounds from the comfort of your home. Sounds like paradise to me.

In fact, just for a lark, that’s what John Biggs did one cool CES morning. Instead of slumming it on the CES showfloor with Jordan and Greg, John joined the live streaming crew without leaving our CES booth.

As Jordan notes in the video, the Double looks and acts like a small Segway with an iPad mounted on top. It’s controlled by an iPad or iPhone on the other side. Essentially, as long as both ends are connected to the Internet, the Double becomes your eyes and ears. And if the connectivity can work deep within CES, it will likely work anywhere.

“People are buying them faster than we can make them,” says Double Robotics’ Jay Liew revealing that there have been 900 orders placed in 45 countries. “We are trying to scale up production. 90% are businesses.”

The Double is currently available for pre-ordering for $2,000.