Most Docks Should Work With The Lightning Adapter And iPhone 5

A bit of good news amidst the seeming rubble that is the <a href="">iPhone</a> 5 launch: the $30 adapter you have to buy to connect your Lightning iPhone 5 to your <a

Accessory Manufacturers Aren’t Sure (Or Aren’t Saying) If Apple’s Adapter Will Allow Audio And Video Dock Output

One of the biggest concerns I've had about <a href="">Apple's</a> new Lightning port is the perceived (or real) obsolescence of a whole constellation of iPod 30-pin com

Apple Is Creating An E-Waste Problem

What happens when you change one port? Quite a lot, actually. Apple introduced the 30-pin iPod port on April 28, 2003. That makes the technology - a fairly streamlined solution for 2003 - nine years o

The FireDock Is A Speaker Dock For Your Kindle Fire

The FireDock is a specially designed speaker dock just for the Kindle Fire. Other devices may work, but they probably won't be happy. It's built by Grace Digital Audio and should cost $130 when it is

PS3 goes portable (kind of) with Hori's LCD screen dock

<img src="" /> This is something gadget modder <a href="">Ben Heck</a> m

Who still buys iPod docks in 2010?

The year 2004 called, and it wants its iPod dock back. (Yes, I know it works with the iPhone, too.) Seriously, do people still buy these things? Inquiring minds want to know.

iLuv iPod alarm clock includes speaker-equipped bed-shaking puck

<img src="" />It sounds weirder than it is. Eh - no, it's about that weird, I guess. Being a light sleeper, I wake up

Official Nexus One desktop dock now available

<img class="right" title="desktop_dock" src="" alt="" width="265" height="187" />Straight from the source, you can now get the offi

Yup, that's a $600 Bose iPod dock you're looking at

<img src="" />Bose had some sort of official unveiling in New York earlier today, but I didn't want to leave Matt and Doug manning the s

NES controller turned iPhone dock

<img src="" alt="dock" />Old NES controller, meet iPhone. An enterprising individual <a href="

USB hard drive dock hooks up to your TV

<img src="" alt="dock" />It probably doesn't get much simpler than this when it comes to getting video f

External hard drive dock kills a whole flock of birds with one stone

<img src="">Convergence abounds with Brando’s laboriously-named SATA HDD Dock Station Combo Ster

CrunchDeals: Universal laptop dock for $23

<img src="">While the concept of a “universal” dock for your portable computer is certainly a welcome idea, the actual executio

Review: Philips DC910 Docking Entertainment System

<img src="" /> <a href=""><img class="left" src="

Scared of the dark? Own an iPhone? Help has arrived

Review: Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime for iPhone/iPod

Quick Version: The $99.99 Pure-Fi Anytime is a good choice as an alarm clock and single-room speaker system. If you’ve got your life on your iPhone, you’ll appreciate this gadget as it pulls doubl

Web-enabled deodorant dock uploads usage patterns

I’d love to be able to say, “Now I’ve seen it all!” and actually mean it, but something even more wonderfully weird than this net-connected deodorant dock will eventually come along and usurp

Sony iPod/iPhone dock, alarm clock, and CD player

It still strikes me as a little bit odd whenever I see an iPod accessory from Sony but, hey, might as well make a little dough, huh? And this accessory looks pretty nice. It’s an iPod/iPhone dock wi

iPhone projector dock

This thing just makes sense – lots and lots of sense. It’s the Honlai Qingbar MP101 and I have no idea if you can actually buy one. If and when you’re indeed able to purchase this doodad, you’

New JVC dock holds two, count ‘em, two iPods

Believe it or not, I bet there are plenty of people out there that own more than one iPod or a combination of an iPod and an iPhone. Maybe it’d be nice to have a dock that can charge both of them at
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