iLuv iPod alarm clock includes speaker-equipped bed-shaking puck

It sounds weirder than it is. Eh – no, it’s about that weird, I guess. Being a light sleeper, I wake up when a butterfly flaps its wings outside my window, but I can understand how some of you heavy sleepers out there might need a serious noise to return to the land of the living. Or, in this case, a vibrating pillow. iLuv’s got a new alarm clock, essentially a fancier version of this one, the most striking feature of which is the mouse-looking thing on a cable that not only vibrates your pillow to wake you up, but has a built-in speaker and volume controls. Because sometimes you don’t want to roll over to turn off the music.

$90 is a bit much for an alarm clock (here’s my alarm clock and my dock), but as far as these things go, it seems pretty nice. The “bed shaker” is a little bit SkyMall-ish, but as I said, I’m a light sleeper and for all I know it might be a godsend for some people out there.

It’s got a ton of useful alarm clock features – lots of separately programmable alarms, combinations of music, buzzing, and radio to wake up to, and so on — you can read all the features over at iLuv’s site.