External hard drive dock kills a whole flock of birds with one stone

SATAHDDDockStationComboStereoSpeaker Hub_1_640

Convergence abounds with Brando’s laboriously-named SATA HDD Dock Station Combo Stereo Speaker + Hub. The product costs $59 and serves as a dock for 2.5- and 3.5-inch hard drives, a speaker system, a two-port USB hub, and features microphone inputs for VOIP headsets.

The dock plugs into an open USB port on your computer and acts as a USB soundcard, and there’s a line-in jack on the right side of the device that allows you to plug in a standalone MP3 player or any other outside audio source. Microphone and headphone ports are available on the back of the device for quick VOIP headset hookup. Finally, there are volume buttons and a mute button flanked by USB ports on either side of the front of the dock.

Not a bad way to clear up some desk space and gain a few ports for $59.

SATA HDD Dock Station Combo Stereo Speaker + Hub [Brando]