USB Superdock: ESATA, 2-port hub, card reader

Here’s a new multi-function dock from Brando that handles SATA hard drives, has a built-in card reader (SD, MiniSD, CompactFlash, MicroSD, Memory Stick), and functions as a 2-port USB hub. It&#8

$3,000 Ferrari iPod dock better come with a magnet that attracts a specific part of the female anatomy

Are you stupid? Do you have too much money? Well then get yourself down to Meridian where you can pick up the Meridian F80, an iPod dock that has been sexified with the Ferrari logo. While I agree tha


Friends, you’ve been waiting. You’ve been wanting. You’ve been crying from the depths, asking for deliverance. Well, deliverance is finally here and it comes in the form of a fairly

DLO lays an egg with new iPhone, iPod Touch speakers

[photopress:portspeakers_horizontal_lrg.jpg,full,center] I travel a lot, it’s part of being a famous blogger, and I usually watch video on my iPod when I’m flying, because I can’t wa

Macworld 2008: DLO's HomeDock HD is maybe the most innovative thing we've seen so far

DLO, makers of so many rad iPod cases and docks we can’t keep track of them all, has outdone itself with its new HomeDock HD. While it’s tempting to say it’s just another iPod dock w

iPhone pig docks from China

Biggs, Devin and I trekked over to the Sands to try and get into some AVn mischief, but, sadly, we were denied. Instead of scantily clad women we found iPod/iPhone docks from China. There were pigs an

Bexy's iMirror: New Company, Cool iPod Dock

Running with the idea that there aren’t enough iPod docking solutions, let alone enough companies making iPod docking solutions, today finds a press release about the launch of a new company tha

iHome iH82: The iHome Speaker Dock You Know And Love, Now With Two Speakers

Companies have yet to perfect the iPod speaker dock. That, or people keep buying the damn things, year after year, minor revision after minor revision. Either way, iHome’s iH82 can be thought of

TerraTec Electronic Noxon 2: An iPod Dock+Radio With Built-in Wi-Fi

It’s been a while since I’ve written about any sort of iPod speaker, but TerraTec Electronic’s Noxon 2’s attempt to be all things to all people is worth a mention. This little

Sony Ready To Release Another iPod Dock: The DockTDM

Poor Sony, lackluster PS3 sales and all but pushed out of the digital music business by Apple. To that end, it’s releasing the $100 Digital Media Port iPod DockTDM-IP1, an iPod dock that integra

Razer Brings Zune Docking to Suh-Wheat White Keyboard

Although it looks like a pool toy, this is indeed a theoretical keyboard with a Zune dock. It’s also got two USB ports on the back to save you even more precious on-PC ports. It’s even in

Zune Hi-Fi Like Dock Arrives

Well, that didn’t take long. The same day that the Zune price-point and date were announced, Zune accessories start popping up. This is the Octavio, made by Australian company VAF Research. It l

Mustek Paragon TW450 for iPod

Well it might not be overkill in terms of power, but I think this one is more going for aesthetics. The Paragon TW450 from Mustek features a 45-watt amp and has a 5.25-inch dual-coil subwoofer. It sta

Gamexpert Phase 4 PSP Hi-Fi

This is one of those products that you have to stop and ask yourself, “Is this really necessary?” Aside from being horrendously obtrusive and clunky, Gamexpert 4 PSP Hi-Fi adds 23 watts of