direct air capture

Carbon capture startup takes ‘good enough’ approach to slash costs

Clairity is one of the latest entrants into the direct air capture market, where companies compete to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere at the lowest cost.

How Greenlyte is going from zero to 1,000 metric tons of captured CO2 in a year

Greenlyte’s process doesn’t just remove carbon dioxide from the air. It also makes hydrogen.

To boost greenhouse productivity, Skytree is using space station CO2 scrubbers

The startup is betting that direct air capture can be profitable by starting with niche markets.

Noya pivots to embrace modular direct air capture, lands $11M Series A

The Y Combinator alumnus quickly adapted its technology after the Inflation Reduction Act changed the economics of carbon capture.

NeoCarbon wants industrial cooling towers to join the climate fight

NeoCarbon, a Berlin-based climate tech startup that’s taking a retrofitting approach to scaling direct air capture (DAC) devices for uptake of CO2 emissions has nabbed pre-seed funding. Its focu