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  • The Dinosaurs Of Cybersecurity Are Planes, Power Grids And Hospitals Crunch Network

    The Dinosaurs Of Cybersecurity Are Planes, Power Grids And Hospitals

    As we continue down the path toward complete connectivity — in which all devices, appliances and networks connect to each other and the Internet — it is evident that much of our longstanding technology can no longer keep up. And it’s not an issue affecting only tech companies and web-connected devices, it’s affecting systems and infrastructures that most would expect to… Read More

  • Our Government Can’t Prevent A Digital 9-11: Entrepreneurs Need To Step In

    At the Security Innovation Network (SINET) Showcase at The National Press Club in Washington, D.C., this week, Michael Chertoff, former Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, presented a dire assessment of the cyber-security threat facing our nation. He discussed how rogue governments and hackers are quietly infiltrating our computer systems and the disasters that can be… Read More

  • Homeland Security To Test Iris Scanners At Texas Border Crossing

    And you thought full-body scanners were troubling! The Department of Homeland Security, headed by “Big Sis” Janet Napolitano, will test iris scanners at a Texas border crossing next month. The “official” reason for the move to iris scanners is that they’re quicker and easier to use than collecting fingerprints, not to mention more accurate. The Hollywood movie… Read More