data-driven marketing

Salesforce upgrades marketing, field service and sales tools with AI

Today, timed with a conference out of Sydney, Australia, Salesforce announced new analytics-powered features across its Service and Marketing Cloud suites designed to “‘humanize’ engagem

How to execute an amplified marketing strategy

Marketers need a new plan of action that puts creativity before quantity, audience before engine, and sets connection as the top priority. They need an amplified marketing strategy.

Using AI to reboot brand-client relationships

Using strategically focused AI, brands can identify what their audiences are doing when they are not engaged in a purchase or using a product or service. The secret here is understanding context.

Audio out-of-home advertising is reinventing personalization

Audio out-of-home (AOOH) technology does not request the use of personal data to work effectively. Instead, it focuses on the in-store customer experience.

Why privacy is the killer app 

Our world looks very different from when Steve Jobs held aloft the first iPhone in 2007. Marketers didn’t use technology beyond their website analytics, email marketing and display ads. It’s clear