India’s Android antitrust case against Google may have some holes

India ordered an investigation into Google’s alleged abuse of Android’s dominance in the country to hurt local rivals. A document made public by the local antitrust watchdog has now further reveal

Android smartphone maker Wileyfox confirms it has entered into administration in the UK

It’s been more than a year since the well-funded startup Cyanogen announced that it would shut down its mobile OS development, and since pivoted to self-driving technology. Yet we’re stil

After having its infrastructure shuttered, CyanogenMod will live on as Lineage

The days leading up to the holiday have been a real roller coaster ride for Cyanogen fans. Yesterday, Cyanogen Inc. unceremoniously pulled the plug on its support for CyanogenOS in a short post declar

Cyanogen failed to kill Android, now it is shuttering its services and OS as part of a pivot

It's been a rocky few months for Cyanogen, the ambitious startup that aimed to build a better version of Android than Google. It has laid off staff, let go of its CEO and parted ways with another co-f

Cyanogen gets a new CEO, shifts away from selling a full mobile operating system

Cyanogen, a startup behind its own, alternative version of the Android operating system, now has a new CEO. In the wake of reports that the company exaggerated its success in terms of active users, la

Microsoft’s Cortana Gets Baked Into Cyanogen’s Forked Version Of Android

Microsoft's Cortana quietly snuck onto to Android in a meaningful this week in a small but telling move that you probably missed unless you own a OnePlus One smartphone.

First Carrier-Backed Cyanogen Phone Launches In Europe

The Cyanogen flavor of open Android is getting a little carrier love in Europe, with Spain's Telefonica launching its first handset powered by the mobile OS today, the BQ Aquaris X5, on its Movistar c

Cyanogen OS Lands On Two New Smartphones, Targeting EMEA

The Cyanogen flavor of open Android, which is pushing a more customizable version of Google's mobile OS -- helped along by some $115 million in funding in its coffers, including an $80 million round b

Foxconn Invests In Cyanogen

Chinese manufacturing giant Foxconn, best known for being an Apple supplier, has made a strategic investment in the Cyanogen version of the Android mobile OS.

Cyanogen Grabs Another $80 Million In Funding

Everyone’s favorite version of “open” Android is putting on its big business pants. The company just, which recently announced a partnership with Qualcomm has raised $80 million in f

Cyanogen Goes Fancy

Cyanogen, a “community” Android version that allowed users of older phones to get some of Android’s newer features, is going just a bit more corporate in the wake of its partnership

OnePlus Allowed To Resume Sales In India After Court Order

Earlier this month, Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus stopped sales in India after a New Delhi court upheld a complaint by rival Micromax. Now the ban has been lifted and OnePlus will be able to start

The OnePlus One Offers Top-Tier Android Phone Specs At $299

Not all smartphones are created equal, but the new OnePlus One (not to be confused with that other One, the HTC One) is roughly equivalent on paper with some of the most expensive smartphones in the w

Cyanogen Partners With Ex-Oppo VP’s Startup, OnePlus, For Custom CyanogenMod Phones

Cyanogen Inc., the makers of an alternative Android ROM that last year raised $30 million (in two chunks) in VC funding, from Benchmark Capital and Andreessen Horowitz, to try to turn what has general

CyanogenMod Quickly Raises Another $23 Million Led By Andreessen Horowitz

CyanogenMod, which is leveraging Android to create a new smartphone platform in what is now a two horse race, just picked up $23 million in new funding led by Andreessen Horowitz. The round comes just

Google Ejects Android ROM-Maker Cyanogen’s Installer App From Play — Citing Developer T&C Violations

Well that didn't take long. Google has removed Cyanogen Inc.'s alternative Android ROM installer app from its Play store. Cyanogen raised $7 million from Benchmark Capital back in September to turn it

Oppo’s First Cyanogen-Modded Smartphone Will Launch In December

As much as I love stock Android sometimes you just need something <em>different</em>, and that's essentially been the guiding mission of the folks over at <a target="_blank" href="http://www.cyanogenm

CyanogenMod Team Gets Android Working On HP TouchPad

There have been <a href="">a flurry of efforts</a> in recent days aimed at getting a workable version of Android up-and-

Get multi-touch on your Nexus One

Cyanogen is at it again; the creator of the popular replacement interface for Android phones has come up with another hack, this time for the Nexus phone. The hack allows you to use multitouch functio

Cyanogen will continue, albeit slightly handicapped by Google

<img src="" />After Google dropped the L-bomb on Cyanogen, he reportedly opened up talks with the boys in Goo. It sounds like they may have