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SoundCloud CEO Alex Ljung On Building A Startup With An International Footprint [TCTV]

All too often, tech startup founders feel like they have to move their headquarters to an industry hub such as the San Francisco Bay Area in order to really be successful. But while it's good to be in

Peter Thiel On His ‘Super-Futuristic’ Focus And The Chess Strategy Founders Should Know [TCTV]

<a target="_blank" href="">Peter Thiel</a>, the tech industry magnate known among other things for co-founding PayPal and investing very early in Facebook,

John Oliver Talks T-Shirt Cannons And Slashfics As He Hosts The 2012 Crunchies

John Oliver played host at the Crunchies tonight. He's a funny guy who's either British or an expert at pretending to be, and he's on the Daily Show, Community and other things so you might recognize

Congratulations Crunchies Winners! GitHub Wins Best Overall Startup

And like that, The 6th Crunchies Annual Award Show is in the bag. John Oliver provided a night of laughs while TechCrunch, GigaOm and Venture Beat jointly handed out 20 awards to the best and brightes

Airbnb’s Brian Chesky: ‘We Used To Create Content Online. Now We Create Industries’

<a target="_blank" href="">Airbnb</a> was one of the trailblazers of the sharing economy, and so, when CEO and co-founder Brian Chesky today accepted the award for best collaborat

GitHub Wins The 2012 Crunchie For “Best Overall Startup”, May The Fork Be With You

In case you weren't sure that Silicon Valley had moved beyond from consumer web companies, take a look at the top five finalists for the best overall startup of 2012. Only one is even a purely consume

Coursera Wins “Best New Startup Of 2012,” Get Schooled

It seems as if, in our particular slice of time, many spheres of industry are coming to a breaking point; Will we be focused on marginal costs and continue doing things the old way, or chuck existing

Mark Zuckerberg Wins “CEO Of The Year” At The 6th Annual Crunchies

He navigated the company that he founded in his college dorm room to a $104 billion IPO, the biggest in the history of tech companies; then led it past one billion active users; and now he's been name

Instagram’s Kevin Systrom Takes “Founder Of The Year” At The 2012 Crunchies

This year's Crunchies saw Instagram founder Kevin Systrom take top honors for the "Founder of the Year" category, which is likely a safe pick considering what his company accomplished in 2013. He mana

Chris Dixon Wins Crunchies 2012 “Angel Of The Year;” Peter Thiel Is Named “VC Of The Year”

As you may know, TechCrunch, GigaOm and VentureBeat host the <a href="">Crunchies</a> award ceremony each year to celebrate the most compelling startups, In

Snapchat Wins “Fastest Rising Startup” At The 2012 Crunchies

Mobile photo messaging app <a target="_blank" href="">Snapchat</a> just won "Fastest Rising Startup" at this year's edition of the <a href="

Watch The Crunchies 2012 Live!

It's that time again, folks. The 6th Annual Crunchies Awards show is upon us, and it's set to be the best event yet. We're at Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco, again partnering with