John Oliver Talks T-Shirt Cannons And Slashfics As He Hosts The 2012 Crunchies

John Oliver played host at the Crunchies tonight. He’s a funny guy who’s either British or an expert at pretending to be, and he’s on the Daily Show, Community and other things, so you might recognize him. Also even though he’s not a journalist, he pretends to be one, so how fitting is it that he hosted an awards show put on by a bunch of bloggers?

Oliver was hilarious as usual, and I think the best way to intro these clips from his time on stage is in his own words, so here are a couple comments Oliver made before the show in discussion with our own Colleen Taylor, who pressured him for a sneak peek at the material you’re about to see.

“The beauty is all you need to do is wait 15 minutes,” he said. “So there’s no need to ask for any tasters, we’re not doing this in two weeks, I’m literally about to do this right now […]¬†Technology moves too fast; just wait. Technology has destroyed human patience. I’m about to do it!”

With that, check out some highlights of Oliver’s performance:

Finally, here’s a nice summary of why Oliver was such a good fit for hosting a tech awards show, in the words of the man himself:

I have almost no apps. I have so few apps that my wife’s niece laughed at me the other day. She laughed at me and then she was sad.