TechCrunch/CrunchGear/MobileCrunch Barcelona Meet-up – UPDATE!

We will hold tomorrow’s TC/CG/MC meet-up at the Cafe del Sol, Av Paral.lel 182, right down the street from the Fira. I’ve received quite a few emails already but RSVP with the subject line

Liveblogging the Sony Ericsson announcement

Going to try to Cover the Sony Ericsson press conference Live today for all you Sunday morning S-E lovers. Stay tuned. CoverItLive died. Click the jump for text liveblogging.

Our Crunchies video: We're here all week Kudos to videographer Doug and mascot Phoebe.

If you have a moment, you'd maybe like to nominate us for the Bloggies, yes?

The 2008 Bloggies are coming up, and there’s a prickly rumor that we’re a favorite for a couple of categories going around, but we’re not the types to sit back and just let things ha

CrunchGear's getting ready for CES; You should be, as well

You’ll have to forgive our lax feature posting this week, gentle readers. We’re gearing up for CES 2008 next week in lovely Las Vegas, and we’re set to really give you the best possi

Welcome to the new CrunchGear

As you’ve probably noticed, CrunchGear got a makeover for Xmas. Gone is the sickly yellorange color scheme, and we’ve made some changes to how things are organized as well; things should b

Bear with us, CrunchGear might go through some growing pains

Just a note to let all of you, our gentle readers, to let you know that for the next couple of hours we’re doing a little server maintenance on CrunchGear, and things might get a little janky. Y

We're #7 on Kindle's list of blogs

Yay! Except a monthly subscription to CrunchGear will run you $1.99. Hmm…

CrunchGear posts at an elementary school reading level

Using the Blog Readability Test tool shows that the articles contained herein are accessible to people with at least an elementary school reading level. Go ahead and plug in your own blog and some of

Bear with us, gentle readers, we're going through some growing pains

We’re sorry about the slow load times and stretch between posts, but we’re doing some maintenance on our servers today to handle our increased capacity. Hopefully we’ll have everythi

Eye-Fi: The Review

As Doug recently reported, Eye-Fi is 2GB SD device with a built-in WiFi transceiver. Like many of you, I hadn’t heard of the device until earlier this week and then, like so many things, it was

CrunchGear One Year Bash Recap

Mmmmm… prizes Manhattan’s Red Sky last night played host to a gathering of geeks and geek sympathizers the likes to which the world has never seen (at least not this week, granted it was o

CrunchGear Meet-up: Budapest and Warsaw

The iPhone is here and it’s fabulous. I will be rolling into town on Monday morning and we will be meeting at 19:00 at Maghaz, Rottenbiller u. 32 in Budapest on Monday, July 23, 2007. Please dro

Philadelphia Reader Meetup & Blogging Conference

Tomorrow is Thursday, which marks the start of the two-day BlogPhiladelphia conference in Philadelphia, PA. I’ll be speaking tomorrow at 9:30am on a panel and it should be a lot of good, clean f

CrunchGear's iPhone Coverage Starts Today (Duh)

Gentle reader, I know you’ve been patient. You can’t wait to see our take on the iPhone (you’ve heard of it, right?), and you’ll get it. In short order, Yours Truly will be liv

Happy Birthday, TechCrunch

Our godfather site, TechCrunch, is two years old and we here at CG want to thank Don Arringtono for making this one of the best ALMOST years — we’re one in August — of our lives. We

CrunchGear Boooring Edition: Wins Some Award

I bet that you, me, and even Dupree all use Google for our web search. But when it comes to mobile phone-based searching, it’s really anyone’s game. Know why? Because I’m trying to m

Clocky: A Brief Video Review

It’s Friday, it feels like Spring, and Clocky has invaded CrunchGear HQ (well, my place at least). Check out the above video for a humorous, informative review on one of the coolest alarm clocks

Crunchgear @ MacWorld 2007: The Keynote Is Over

Here is the live transcript of CrunchGear’s coverage of the Apple Keynote at MacWorld 2007.

Happy New Year!

A happy 2007 and new year to all you Crunchear readers! Enjoy the day!
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