Demoing Sports Champions for the Playstation Move
Matt had a blast playing this; I wish I’d given it a go before we left Sony’s little press island. Think Wii Sports Resort but with the precision and responsiveness that are lacking from the Wii even with MotionPlus. The upgraded graphics don’t hurt, either. They hit the surprisingly elusive sweet spot between realism and caricature, and it does a good job of keeping you in the game while at the same time allowing some wiggle room in how the characters move and act.

The controls looked pretty snappy too; the archery game shows that off. Matt got the hang of the gladiator game pretty quickly, but the subtleties of Ping Ping eluded him completely. He’ll be the first to say that the failure was on his part — you can tell by the way our host confidently trounces him that there is a lot of precision involved. Sorry about the audio, but the middle of West Hall at E3 really is one of the loudest places on Earth. We’re talking vuvuzela levels here.