CrunchGear's John Biggs is number 29 on some list!


Better watch out, Drudge. John Biggs is right behind you!

There’s a brand new list out there that ranks today’s most influential digital New Yorkers (something along those lines), and guess who comes in at a not-trying-too-hard-yet-not-slacking-off number 29?

Yes, the man, the myth, the legend, our editor and friend to the stars, John Biggs.

NowPublic takes today’s news persoalities—Biggs is nothing if not a personality, lol!—and ranks them based on a number of different criteria, including Google search results, Technorati ranking and how often they use services like Twitter. As we all know, Twitter will change the world as we know it. I mean, come on, “downloading this movie called “dark knight” from the internet. Anyone heard of it?” The man can influence like no other!

Well, to be accurate, 28 others are, in fact, more influential, including Jay Rosen, an old professor of mine who is a giant nerd, and Gary V, that guy who invented wine (so I hear). Mr. Biggs does outrank our friend Caroline McCarthy over at C-Net, so that’ll give the two something to talk about at the next New York Tech Meetup. As if!

Now, what did John look like before he became such an Internet star?


How, exactly, Biggs outranks Nick Denton, Gawker supremo, I have no idea.