Will the Bubble Burst? Ask Your Cabbie

There are too many headlines and articles about bubbles, market crashes, negative interest rates and venture-backed unicorns. Why write one more? Because I believe there is a much more pragmatic way t

White Ribbon On Crashes UN Women Website [Update: 1M Uniques By 11 AM ET]

Google has at least partially crashed the website <a target="_blank" href=""></a> today by placing a link to it on the fro

Crashlytics, A Crash-Reporting Solution For Mobile Developers, Raises $1 Million

<a href="">Crashlytics</a>, a crash reporting solution for mobile developers, today announced it has closed $1 million in seed funding in a round led by investment firms Fl

US Airways' emergency landing video released

<img src="">A Coast Guard camera pointed at the Hudson River completes the story of <a href="

Flight 1549 lands in Hudson River, all safe

<img src="" alt="3200097438_764fcae55e1"><small><a HREF="">From Flickr

Problems with XP SP3 and your AMD-based computer?

A fellow Minnesotan named Jesper Johansson (I think that name MIGHT by Scandinavian) has a great article about how to fix a problem that seems to be plaguing AMD-based computers after upgrading to Win

NVIDIA makes up a manly slice of Vista Crash Pie

Now THAT is a delicious looking piece of pie. That’s the size of slice I like when everyone else at the table’s on a diet. “Yeah, you know what?,” I’ll say, “Gimme

MS Explorer Crashes and Freezes Up, Outlook Doesn't Look Good

Word is that Access is limited for rescuers – the ice gives them limited Windows of opportunity. Let’s hope everything Works out and the passengers are Zune brought to safety. Glad this di

An Intervention: It Would Rule If You Didn't Do This to Your Cell Provider, Okay?

Dear Verizon Wireless and former Cingular customers: While we often share your frustrations and feel your pain, two wrongs do not ever make a right. Yes, you suffer from sub-par customer service with