• IBM, Kroger, Walmart and others team up to improve food safety with blockchains

    IBM, Kroger, Walmart and others team up to improve food safety with blockchains

    IBM today announced that it is working with a consortium that includes Dole, Golden State Foods, Kroger, McCormick and Company, Nestlé, Tyson Foods, Unilever and Walmart to bring the benefit of blockchains to the food supply chain. IBM, just like most of its competitors in the public cloud computing space, has been working on various blockchain projects in the last few months. Given the… Read More

  • Instacart’s app has changed grocery stores for good

    Instacart, the grocery-ordering app, is getting creative about picking, packing and delivering food on-demand. TechCrunch got an aisle-side view of how the company’s people and technology come together on location at Costco in San Francisco. And one thing’s clear: The San Francisco startup has changed grocery stores for good. According to the company’s Chief of Operations… Read More

  • Groupon Goes After Costco And Sam’s Club With Groupon Basics, A Portal For Home Goods

    Groupon Goes After Costco And Sam’s Club With Groupon Basics, A Portal For Home Goods

    Last year, Groupon’s CEO Eric Lefkovsky said that his ambition was to make the e-commerce company’s Goods business more like Costco, not Amazon. Today, the company is launching a new business called Groupon Basics — offering discounts on home goods to compete with warehouse-based bulk-buying clubs — that will bring it one step closer to that idea. As an expansion of… Read More

  • Costco Will No Longer Support Your Apple Habit

    Well that’s that. Costco will no longer sell Apple products including iTunes gift cards. Why you ask? Great question, friend and let me answer that with a question. Who sells the iPad: Sam’s Club or Costco? Sam’s Club, right? That clearly didn’t sit very well with the Costco suits so they decided to cut Apple completely. Plus it probably didn’t help that Apple… Read More

  • Integrating Ethics Into The Core Of Your Startups: Why And How

    Integrating Ethics Into The Core Of Your Startups: Why And How

    When I came to the U.S. in 1980, I was young and naïve. I used to think that corruption and ethical lapses were just a third-world ill. Eventually, I became a tech CEO and learned the harsh realities of American business. Yes, standards are much higher, and breaches are punished, but the temptations are just the same here as they are in any other country. Ethical lapses (which are a form… Read More

  • SpeedTrack Sues Just About Every Major Online Retailer Over Patent Infringement

    Can you spell “patent troll”? Software developer SpeedTrack has filed suit against nearly two dozen major online retailers, including, Best Buy,, Nike, Costco and Dell, accusing the major online retailers of infringing some patent that supposedly covers a search mechanism customers can use to locate products on their websites. The complaint, filed yesterday… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Costco offering 2-for-1 LCD HDTVs as low as $1200

    Holy cow, people. Costco is currently offering three two-for-one bundles on Philips and Sharp LCD HDTVs. You can snag a 19-inch and 42-inch combo for $1200 on up to $1800 for a 52- and 32-inch LCD HDTV. That’s pure madness! What are you waiting for? Costco Read More

  • Wal-Mart and Sam's Club to sell the iPhone 3g after Christmas

    It looks like the iPhone 3G is going to America’s favorite neighborhood store and warehouse retailer. The only thing is that Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club minions will not be pimping the Jesusphone ’till after the holidays – like December 28th. It seems that select locations will get the phone first but eventually, the phone will be rolled out till the entire 2,500 store… Read More

  • Costco Black Friday ad, plus online-only deals

    Costco will have a three-day in-store sale from November 28-30 along with online-only deals from now until December 15th. These in-store deals look okay, but not great: SmartParts 10.4-inch digital picture frame for $99 Olympus FE-370 8-megapixel digital camera with 1GB SD card and case for $119 $100 to $300 off of various LCD TVs Magellan RoadMate 1212 GPS for $99 iHome iH27 iPod… Read More

  • Costco to sell the iPhone 3G for $149?

    A tech analyst is claiming that Costco is going to sell the Jesusphone for $149 starting in January. No other details were outlined so this statement is this will definitely be filed in the ‘Rumor’ category but even if the discount warehouse does drop the price by 50 bones, that alone would not justify cell phone end times. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: $50 off AppleTV @ Costco

    Costco is offering a $50 discount on AppleTVs in stores until the 23rd or 26th of this month depending on who you ask. Considering the upcoming HD content coming to the little guy, you may want to invest in one now while it’s cheap. $50 instant rebate on Apple TV at Costco [AppleTV Source] Read More

  • Breaking, Mildly Exciting: Apple TV Now at Costco, Confirmed

    We’ve been seeing rumors all over the Internets today that Costco, the national chain of discount warehouses, might be offering the Apple TV at a price lower than Apple itself sells the set-top box for. Using our superior investigative journalism skills (read: a telephone), CrunchGear can now confirm that Costco is selling the Apple TV for $289.99. That’s $10 less than Apple or… Read More

  • CostCo Buckles Down on Returns

    Long “celebrated” by consumers for its lenient return policies, CostCo has begun to feel burned by its nice guy persona. Customers have taken advantage of the policy to an unfair degree, returning ancient items in exchange for newer, fancier devices. Great for the customer, bad for business. In response, CostCo is cutting its open-ended return policy back to 90 days—which… Read More

  • Get Thee to a PS3-ery! Costco.Com

    A wee bird told us that Costco is currently flush with PS3s and just waiting for you to come on over and join the Sony-cial. Interestingly enough, Costco’s website is currently hosed. Site Read More