Anyscale adds $40M to bring its Ray-based distributed computing tech to the enterprise masses

The world of distributed computing took on a new profile this year when Folding@home, a 20-year-old distributed computing project, found itself picking up thousands of new volunteers to help COVID-19

Anyscale, from the creators of the Ray-distributed computing project, launches with $20.6M led by a16z

Open source has become a critical building block of modern software, and today a new startup is coming out of stealth to capitalise on one of the newer frontiers in open source: using it to build and

Streaming TV consumption more than doubled since last year, report says

As a result of the larger cord-cutting trend, more consumers are watching TV streamed over the internet. And the size of this streaming TV audience is rapidly growing. According to a new report from C

Apple TV and Android see increase in streaming video viewership in Q1

Conviva, a video AI platform with visibility into the streaming market through clients like HBO, Turner, Hulu, CBS, NBC, ESPN, BT and Sky, is reporting today 114 percent year-over-year growth in strea

Conviva nabs $40M for AI-based video analytics, now valued around $300M

As more video providers finding audiences directly through apps and the web — and away from pay-TV-based packages — we’re seeing the emergence of more analytics to measure how those

Conviva Scores Another $15 Million For Advanced Video Streaming Solutions

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <a href="">Conviva</a>, a San Matea, California based video streaming solutions pr