Juro gets $750k to optimize sales contract workflow

London-based startup Juro, which is applying machine learning to help businesses speed up authoring and management of their sales contracts, has closed a $750,000 (£615k) seed round, with investors i

Launching A Startup? Make A Clean Legal Break From Your Employer First

<b>Editor's note:</b> <em>Stephanie Singer practices law at WilmerHale, where she advises emerging companies in the technology and life sciences industries on formation, financings and ongoing corp

Study: Smartphone Users Wasting Hundreds Of Dollars Per Year On Unnecessary Contracts

<img src="" />A new study says that smartphone users are overpaying for their service by several hundred dollars each and every

Get angry: AT&T changes contract to prevent class action lawsuits UPDATE FROM AT&T

<img src="" />When was the last time you read your AT&T contract? If you answered “never,” then may I suggest you take two minute

Sprint: Early cancelation fee drops $10 each month

Sprint is diligently patting itself on the back today, having forever changed the way we think about canceling cellphone contracts. Starting on November 2, for every month you stay faithful to your Sp

Verizon announces month-to-month service plans

Just a day late of the rumored date, Verizon has announced month-to-month, contract free service plans. If you’re willing to pay full price for a phone or can bring your own handset to the table

Verizon to offer contract-free plans next week?

Verizon may be coming to accept what much of their market has already realized: if a customer brings their own phone or is willing to pay full price for a non-subsidized phone, there is no reason they

T-Mobile could be forced to sell iPhone without contract, unlocked in Germany

That’s Germany, all right. Like in France, it looks like Apple will have to sell the recently released iPhone in Germany without an accompanying contract and, separately, unlocked. Over in Deuts

Verizon changes service plans

Anyone using Verizon should take note that Verizon will be updating its plans and ToS agreement today, meaning you have something like 30 days to opt out of your contract should you want an iPhone bad

Universal Can Supply Music "At-Will" to iTunes

Universal Music has confirmed that they will not renew their current contract with Apple and will only supply music “at will.” This means that Apple will not have the entire Universal cata

Ditch T-Mobile Without The Fees

We’re not sure if you noticed or not, but recently it seems every carrier is raising SMS prices. Now T-Mobile has joined its rivals by increasing rates for SMS, yet decreasing MMS prices. And wh

Verizon Sales Rep Dishes on Contracts

Consumerist is running an interview with a former Verizon rep who is spilling the beans on that company’s customer retention policies and confusing everyone in the process. Essentially, he&#8217

Ditch Your Cingular Contract! Free! Easy! Legal!

There are few things that piss me off more than anti-consumer contracts, especially of the cell phone variety. But getting out of that contractual noose has been the Holy Grail of techies for years, w

CellSwapper, An End To Endless Contracts

comes CellSwapper, a service that lets you transfer cell contracts to desiring parties. The service is particularly useful since essentially every phone now comes with an oppressive two year contract.

The Eight Ways The Tech Industry Tries To Screw Us — And How To Avoid Them

It may come as a shock to some people that tech companies are corporations–charged first and foremost with making money. Still, it sometimes seems like it wouldn’t hurt Big Tech to treat u

Cingular and Double Standards

Consumerist is running a story about an Alabama woman who is getting shafted by Cingular. The story goes that the woman owned three phones on AT&T, which was, of course, bought out by Cingular. He